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Fire Pit Conversation Patio Set


The Hanover collection of patio furniture has many choices of styles and colors. The Ventura fire pit conversation patio set will give you two straight leg chairs, a love seat and a fire pit table. The table will come with a metal cover for the fire bowl so that this table can be used year round.

When looking at different styles of patio furniture, many people will go with an early choice. You should always take your time when purchasing a conversation set and ask yourself many questions. Will this set fit without feeling crowded, can I use this set most of the year, what will this look like in my outdoor space. This should give you a few things to think about before your purchase.

I will answer some of these questions in this article with all the details that I have found on this set . I will give you my thoughts and why this set will work for you. Now lets look at the details.

Hanover Ventura fire pit conversation patio set



Price when article was written: $1799.00

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What do you get in the box


You will get seating for four in two chairs, a love seat with a fire pit table for heat when cool or a table when it is warmer and you need a cool drink while chatting with friends. Steel frames with a powder coated finish will give you a base for the seating items. A woven resin wicker is used to cover the sides of all the items.

Ventura cushioned patio chairThe chairs and love seat will have straight legs and no movement. Thick cushions will give you plenty of seating comfort. Cushions are supported by plastic straps woven across the frame. Two colors of cushions are available for this collection, red or a tan color.

Chairs are 26.5 inches wide, 32 inches deep and 34 inches tall. Chairs will have flat cushions for seating and two button cushions for the backs. Each chair will weigh 49 pounds.

Love seat is 49 inches wide, 31 inches deep and 35.5 inches tall. Room for seating for two will give you room to sit and cuddle with your favorite person.

Cushions will have a foam base with an Olefin fabric cover. This fabric is one of the best for outdoor furniture and last very well in most conditions. Storage is still recommended for any fabric for your outdoor furniture. For some patio storage solutions look at my post here.

Fire pit has a resin wicker skirt on four sides. A drawer will open on one end and the 20 pound propane tank (not included) will roll out for easy changing. Flame controls will be behind the door also, this will be a safety feature. When the drawer is closed children will not be able to play with your controls.

Ventura cushioned love seatTop will be a stone material with two types of finishes, a wood grain look or a natural stone. Six pieces of stone will cover the top. The square burn area will Have a metal cover when fire is not needed. 40,000 BTU’s of heat will be produced when put on high setting. This will heat a 15-foot circle on moderately cool evenings, your results may be different depending on wind and other things out of your control.

A square fire bowl will have a round burner covered with red glass rocks. The rocks can be replaced with other colors to enhance your fire, this will cost you extra.

This square fire pit will be 38 inches across and 27.75 inches tall. It will weigh 66 pounds without the propane tank. If a tile is broken, you may have to replace all six to match the color. A Natural gas conversion kit is included in hardware pack.

This resin wicker fire pit conversation patio set will work best for those who have at least a 12-foot square area with no overhead. Any floor material will work with this fire pit, it will be good on wooden or composite deck floors without any protection. Make sure burn bowl is at least 5 feet from any combustible siding materials, placing a seating piece between the fire pit and a wall will make sure you are far enough away.


Assembly of your patio furniture

Some assembly of each piece will be required, it may take up to an hour or more depending on your skills and if you have extra hands helping. All tools needed for assembly are included in the hardware pack.

Fire pit table will come mostly assembled. Sit up on its feet and put the top on, attach with the four screws. Remove the cardboard from burn bowl and add fire rocks. Add your fuel will be next, natural gas and propane tanks are the two types of fuel for this fire pit, you will have to follow instructions included for each type.

After type fuel is added, you are ready for your first fire in you pit. Add the batteries to the igniter turn on the gas control behind the door. Adjust after the fire is started to the desired look.

Chairs and love seat will follow the same assembly instructions. Attach arms to back section, attach seat base to this assembly. Make sure that you only hand tighten screws until all are started, this will give you the best results. On the chairs you will have to attach the seat assembly to the base assembly with four screws and brackets.

Once you have all the seating pieces put together you can add cushions and pillows for a comfy evening enjoying your favorite adult beverage with you helper, try to wait until you are done with assembly for best results.

Ventura gas fire pitCare of your Ventura patio furniture

As with most patio furniture sets with cushions, storage will be needed. Keeping your set looking new will just involve cleaning with a mild soap and water.

Do not use any harsh chemicals on powder coated surfaces, as this will result in peeling and discoloration on the surfaces. Even glass cleaners are harsh enough to be tough on these types of surfaces.

For other patio furniture sets in the Hanover collection, see my post here.

Wover resin wicker for Hanover Ventura patio furniturePros

  • Flame control is behind a door to be child resistant
  • Cover for burn area
  • Thick cushions for long term sitting comfort
  • Fire pit can be converted to run on Natural Gas, kit included


  • All tiles will have to be replaced if one is broken
  • No motion in the chairs
  • Cushions will need storage when not in use


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Why I think this set would be good for you


If you have a medium to large outdoor space that you can use for entertaining, this gas fire pit conversation patio set from the Hanover Ventura line will give you years of value. With two chairs, a love seat for seating, with thick cushions for long term seating comfort, you will enjoy hours of sitting with your friends and family.

The fire pit table will add to your enjoyment and comfort with its 40,000 BTU’s of heat when cool, or flat table-top when just sitting with a cool one with snacks during the summer months.  To compare this set to other conversation sets with a fire pit, see my post here.

If you have any questions or comments about this patio conversation set, leave me a note with the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.

Thanks for reading my article.