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Outdoor Wall Mounted Light Fixtures


Looking for Outdoor Wall Mounted Light Fixtures for your entrance.  This fixture will give your guest light when they wall up to your home. I will walk you through the install and how this fixture works for me.

Designers Fountain 2420MD-BKName: Designers Fountain 2420MD-BK

Where did I get mine: 1stopLighting

Price at the time of purchase: $80.55 with free shipping


Link to lighting prices


Whats in the box

Parts to fixture DF2420MD-BK

What you get in the box

Fixture, mounting bracket to an electrical box, wire nuts and all mounting hardware.  No bulb is included.  Look for bulbs that can be dimmed if not getting a old style incandescent bulb.

What else is needed


You will have to have a wall mounted electrical box for power and mounting.  Consult with a qualified electrician if you need to install an electrical box for local rules and regulations.

You will need a 100 watt or less light bulb of your choice, CFL bulbs do not work well with a motion sensor as it will shorten the life and not give full power to the bulb for illumination.

Wires for Motion Sensor LightHow easy is it to install to an existing location


First thing is make sure that the power is off to the electrical box you are working on, nothing like a 110 volt surprise to start a trip to the emergency room.

I replaced my old Jar fixture, you will just have to remove the two mounting screws to remove the fixture, undo the wires and then remove the Jar fixture mounting bracket.

Mount the bracket on the electrical box, then level the part of the bracket with the mounting studs for the fixture.  Have someone hold the fixture up while you connect the wires with the supplied wire nuts.  So not disconnect or change the wire nuts already installed, they are for the motion sensor.  Remember to match the color wires and the ground wire does not have any cover on it.  Mount the fixture to the mounting bracket.

Installing the bulb is easy before you assemble the top of the unit.  When you have to replace the bulb you only have to unscrew the top piece for the lid to come off.

You have to remove two of the top screws on the main fixture to mount the bracket that holds the Lid and its mounting screw.


Motion Sensor for DF 2420MD-BKAdjusting the sensor


The first adjustment to be used will be the timer test.  This will let you know if the fixture is working, it will make the bulb come on for a short period of time without any motion and the sun still out.  You can test your installation while you can still see.

After making sure the fixture works you can work on the sensitivity, L or to the right is less sensitive and H to the left is more sensitive.

The setting of 6 or 2 is how long the light will stay on after it senses motion.

The motion sensor does not have any repairable parts, if it goes bad you will have to replace the sensor or the entire light fixture.



Easy installation and you can adjust sensor to your taste

Works only when you need it, can be set to work with light switch

Very nice design and looks well, will replace an existing fixture easily



Not all light bulbs will work in this unit with the motion sensor

Will take some time to adjust sensor to your taste

Sensor is not repairable, must replace

Some will have to get an electrician to install

Outdoor Wall Mount Light FixturesMy thoughts on this fixture


Having replaced my old fixture and adjusted this fixture, I enjoy the fact that I do not have to turn on the light every time I need it.  When approaching the entrance the light will come on and visitors to not have to stand in the dark awaiting me to turn on the light.  If you are ready for a light fixture that works on its own, use the link below to check on current items available and their price.


Link to lighting prices



This Outdoor Wall Mounted Light Fixtures will light the entrance to you home without having a manual control.  This is very convenient that you guest will have light to walk to your entrance to welcome them.  It is very nice to have this first impression for your guest.

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