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 Hanging Outdoor Furniture


When you are looking for a place for sitting outside relaxing, look at Hanging Outdoor Furniture to give you someplace to relax.  These five Hammock examples will have different features so that you can make a choice on what will best fit your outdoor space.  One comes with the frame so that you do not have to have a tree or other overhead object to hang your Hammock from.  Separate frames are available for the others at extra cost.

The advantage to this kind of seating is that you can take it down easily and store it away when not in use, most people will not leave their Hammock outside for any length of time with out using it.

Lets look at your options and see which of these will be the best outdoor hammock for you.

Blue Sky Hammocks Single Ultralight Hammock


Looking for that super lightweight and portable Hammock this Blue Sky single is the ticket.  Made from nylon Parachute Material is will be comfortable for long periods of time and be very durable

The 54 inch wide by 90 inch long fabric will hold a person up to 330 pounds, as with any Hammock, you must have proper support to hold the maximum weight. It comes with an attached carrying pouch and mounting straps for two trees.  The mounting straps are made to go around a tree and each comes with an S hook to attach the Hammock.

At less than one pound of weight you could easily move this Hammock any where at any time, just need some thing to hang from.  This Hammock would make a great Backpack item for your outback hiking.


Mainstays Wentworth Deluxe Hammock


The Wentworth Hammock has the steel framed stand included.  If you do not have a tree or other object to hang your Hammock from, this is another option.  The brown powder coated stand and the mattress is made from a polyester filled fabric. It comes with a small pillow and a magazine rack at the foot end.

When assembled it is 38 inches wide, 91 inches long (material is about 72 inches long) and will be 24 inches off the ground.  Sturdy enough to hold up to 500 pounds.

This Hammock is attached at each corner so it will not tip when you get into it.  If it is left out in the weather the fabric will dry quickly. The metal frame uses spring loaded push pins to lock the parts together, so you can take apart for storage.


Cotton Outdoor Patio Yard Hammock


This traditional Cotton string Hammock will require trees or some other support for use.  It does come with S hooks to attach to the support.  The cotton material is soft for long sessions of relaxing.

It is 59 inches wide and 132 inches in total length (bed size is 80 inches long).  It has 1 1/4 inch hard wood bars at each end.  It will support 450 pounds, depending on the mounting point and frame or tree.

The bed is made of 900 feet of 6 mm cord.

Polyester Rope Hammock


If you are looking for a two person rope type of Hammock, this one will be for you. Just pick out your favorite tree and stretch this Hammock out. Can handle 450 pounds if properly secured.

It is 60 inches wide and 156 inches long (bed is 80 inches long).  Comes with galvanized 12 inch chain and S hook for each end,  Total weight is about 10 pounds.

The hardwood bars are varnished with a weather resistant coating. The polyester rope is more weather resistant than the cotton rope.  The polyester may stretch more than the cotton rope.  This Hammock is made to leave outside in the weather.


Metro Hammock Chair, Green Stripe


Want something a little different, this outdoor hanging chair can be supported by an optional stand, tree limb or from the ceiling of a porch.  Made to be suspended and for the occupant to sit more upright.

Cotton green striped fabric with 2 inch foam padding, will be suspended by cotton rope and rods.  A single mounting point and weighing only 8 pounds, will make it easy to install or take down for storage.

Seat is 24 inches wide with wooden armrest.  Will handle 300 pounds with proper mounting.




When looking for a relaxing place to sit, I have given you several choices to look at.  If you do not have trees or other overhangs, some outdoor Hammock stands are available separately.  You will have a choice of outdoor Hammock swings or beds.

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