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Resin Wicker Cooler Cabinet


Looking for a cabinet that will also keep your favorite beverage cool during those parties on the patio.  This resin wicker cooler cabinet by Suncast will match most resin wicker furniture and give you storage and a cooler.  The sides will have a towel rack and wire rack for all the cleanup or extra cups that you will require.

I will look at the details and you can determine if this cooler will be the great addition to your outside area that everyone talks about on Monday after your party.

Suncast Resin Wicker cooler cabinetIf you would just like the current pricing or availability in your area, use the link below.

If you are planning a summer party outside, click the following link for your own Suncast cooler cabinet

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Now lets look at what makes this product something that you will need for your patio area.


Product:  Suncast Resin Wicker Cooler

Price when article was written: $129

Where to get for the best price online:


Suncast resin wicker cooler bottom storageWhat do you get in the box


Your cooler will come in one box that will be 19 inches wide, 21 inches long and 31 inches tall.  The assembled cabinet will be 25.5 inches wide (without towel bar and wire rack), 22 inches deep and 34 inches tall.  The top will be flat, you can sit stuff on it when not using the cooler.

After assembly you will have a dark brown resin wicker cabinet with a cooler on the top and storage on the bottom.  The bottom storage bin is 19 inches wide. 19.5 inches deep and 11 inches tall, tall enough for a wine cooler or most can beverages.  A towel rack on one side and a wire rack for storage on the other side.

The 77 quart cooler will store between 72 and 108 12 ounce beverages, depending on the amount of ice used. Internal dimensions of the cooler are 16.25 inches wide, 17.75 inches deep and 15.75 inches tall.

Four caster wheels will support your cooler, two of them will lock to keep your cooler in place.  A plug in the bottom of the cooler bin will let the water drain out a hose after the ice has melted.  The drain hose is made to go out the bottom back of the unit.

Foam panels will go on the four sides and bottom of the cooler, then a plastic insert will keep all of your goods and ice.  After assembly plastic insert will not be removable.

If you would like information on other resin wicker storage solutions, see my articles here.  Need more information on the resin wicker outdoor furniture read my information here.


Assembly and care of your patio cooler


Assembly of your cooler will take some time and following the directions carefully.  No tools will be required as it will snap together.  If you need assembly instructions, go to Suncast website and you can download it there.

A simple mild soap and water will be all that is needed to keep your cooler looking new.  You may need to use something stronger in the cooler bin if you happen to have a beverage open while being cooled, happens sometimes.  As the cooler bin is not removable, you can use a hose to rinse it out and it will drain out the hose.

Suncast resin wicker cooler drain hose and castersPros


Can drain water with hose as ice melts

Has foam insulation and liner to keep things cool

Lots of extra storage



Assembly will take some time

Tall beverage bottles will not stand up in bottom storage

Requires ice to keep things cool

If you are planning a summer party outside, click the following link for your own Suncast cooler cabinet

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If you are having a party or just an afternoon in or by the pool, what better way to keep your favorite adult beverage cool and ready for drinking by having a Suncast resin wicker cooler cabinet.  Having storage for up to 108 cans, all of the red solo cups that you will need, a towel, and being able to move around any where you can roll it, I do not know what you would not want one for your outside area.

If you have a patio cooler or have a question or comment about this one, please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.

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