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Resin Outdoor Benches


If you want durability in your patio or garden area with little or no maintenance try one of these resin outdoor benches.  They will never rot, rust, or need painting.  Just wash off with a hose or a gentle scrubbing with a mild detergent for the bigger stains will keep them looking new year after year.

My sons school collects plastic bottle caps and when they have enough, the recycling company will give them a bench made from the caps. Just think of how you can help the environment by buying a recycled bench.

Now lets look at the details of the following benches available from

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Pvc garden benchWeatherproof PVC Garden Bench with Scroll Arms


Price when article was written: $259.95 plus $20 extra for shipping

From the classic scroll design of the legs to look of a metal bench, this bench will look good in any outdoor area.  Made of Recycled commercial grade of PVC it will take a lot of abuse and still need little or no care.

The bench is 43.5 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 33.5 inches tall.  Made in Germany with all recycled materials.

Easy assembly, can be bolted down to secure against high winds or theft. It is the only bench in this article with arms.



White resin garden benchWeatherproof Resin Garden Bench


Price when article was written: $259.95 plus $30 extra for shipping

The arched leg design with the rolling front slates will give lots of comfort and looks.  The smaller slats will give you more support for you buns when sitting.

Available in two colors, dark green and white.  Made in Germany, the plastic material will make for a light weight bench that can seat three people.

The bench is 59 inches wide, 26.5 inches deep and 31.5 inches tall.  It is the biggest bench in this article.

Easy to assemble and care for.  Can be bolted to the surface for securing against movement in high winds or theft.


Green resin garden benchPVC Resin Garden Bench


Price when article was written: $199.95 plus $20 extra in shipping cost

This classic park bench will have less slats than the above model.  The slats are hollow with caps on each end.

Made in Germany, this traditional looking bench will come in two colors, dark green (shown) and white.

It is smaller at 47 inches long, 21.5 inches deep and 29 inches tall.  It will only have room for two regular sized butts.

Easy assembly, can be bolted down for windy conditions or theft.


To get your resin bench from PlowHearth, click the following link

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Made from recycled materials, will outlast wood or metal benches with the same care

Easy assembly and care

Can be moved with little problem



Will need to be bolted down if in a windy area

Too much weight will cause slats to sag

Cannot be repaired very easily if broken




When looking for that extra seating on a path or garden area, one of these resin outdoor benches will work.  Finding the options or look that will work for your outdoor space will be all that is needed.   If you are looking for the basic look of a park bench or the finer design of a up scale park, there is a bench for you.

Click on the type of bench if you would like to see some of my information on metal benches, benches with storage or wooden benches.  If you would like to add a cushion to your bench selection see my article here.

If you have any questions or comments please use the forms below.  Have an item you need more information on send me an email and I will get back to you.

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