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Patio Swing with Table and Canopy


If you are larger than average or are just looking for something a little different in a two person swing, this patio swing with table and canopy is for you.   The strong frame and sling chairs will support 350 pounds on each side.  If the Camo color does not fit in your outdoor decor, it will come in two other fabric colors, red or tan.

This swing is labeled for big and tall people.  It has storage and a table between the two seats.  If you are looking for a swing that you can cuddle, this is not the swing.  For more information on other two seat patio swings see my article here.

2 person Camo Swing with Canopy

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Now lets look at the details I have put together of this patio swing.


Product: Ozark Trail Big and Tall 2-Seat Bungee Swing

 Price when article was written: $159.98 online

Where to get for the best price online:


What do you get in the box


Swing tray for patio swingDrink and snack tray for patio swing

You will need a pickup or large SUV to get this box home.  The swing will have two separate seats with a three section fabric storage compartment between.  You can store reading materials or pillows for a nap in them.  They are not out of the weather so you cannot leave anything that can be damaged by outside conditions in them when not in use.  Basket does use Velcro straps to hold it to the frame so that is can be removed with contents when not needed.

The cover for the storage compartment is a plastic tray that swivels in the front to allow it to be closer to one seat or the other. The tray cup holders are very small, 3 inches wide and 2 inches deep, you will not get your big gulp cup in there.  The tray has a small place to hold snacks or reading materials while you swing.

Single seat for camo patio swingThe swing seats and canopy are made of a sling material that is very comfortable and durable in outdoor conditions, I have several chairs with this fabric for seating that have lasted for almost ten years outside.  The sling material is attached to the frame with a very strong cord.

The frame is made from steel with a powder coated matte brown finish for a rust free finish.  This swing will hold 350 pounds per seat, by far the most I have seen for any swing of this type.

The swing is 74.75 inches wide, 21 inches deep and 69.25 inches tall.  The seats are 21.75 inches wide, not real wide for the 350 pound capacity.  The swing hangs from the frame with a spring on each end to give you a softer seat while you swing.

The canopy is adjustable with a locking gear on each end of the top, so you can chase the shade while sitting in one location.

Assembly and care of your patio swing


You will need to hang onto the person for assembly who helped you get this box to the place for assembly for a little while, may have to bribe with a beverage or two.  Assembly will take about two hours for most people with some mechanical skills.  Tools are included in this kit.

Adjusting knob for patio swingI will only give simple instructions here, if you need more than this, see instruction manual.  Attach top bar to leg assemblies, you will need your extra hands for this step.  Attach bottom support bars and plastic feet.

Attach adjusting brackets to canopy assembly, then attach canopy to top bar of swing frame assembly.

Assembly of seat frame will be next, then attach each seat assembly to frame.  Attach tray support and frame to tray, then this assembly to seat frame.  The basket Velcros to tray support frame.  The hanging arms attach to the outer arms of each chair.  Then the spring attaches to the top of the hanging arm and the top rail of the swing frame.

Now you and your helper are ready to kick back for some really cold ones to talk about how easy that was.

With any outdoor furniture that is powder coated, do not use any harsh chemicals to clean. Use only a mild soap and water, even glass cleaner will damage your painted surfaces.

Hanging spring for patio swingPros


Will hold heavy people up to 350 pounds each

Swivel table and storage in the middle

Sling material for seats very comfortable




Cup holders are really small, only hold small cup

Storage is in the weather, have to take magazines and books inside when not needed

Seat could be wider for the 350 pounds it can hold

No snuggling on this swing

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Ozark Trail Big and Tall patio swing with table and canopy tan

My conclusion on this swing


If you need a patio swing with table and canopy for your outside area that will hold two big people, this swing will work for you.  Having a table for drinks and snacks will be a plus.  The canvas storage bins under the table will allow you to keep enough reading material to last all day.  The adjustable canopy will give you the ability to chase the shade.

My recommendation is that this swing will work well for those that are a larger size or those that want storage or a table for their goods. The frame is build for heavy duty use and the seats are very comfortable for long term sitting.  The drink holders are the biggest disappointment, very small only will fit the smallest cups or glasses.

If you want information on a three seat swing for more seating capacity, see my article here.

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