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Solar Shed Lights


When you are required to go to the shed to retrieve an item after dark, look at solar shed lights as a solution.  The Coleman 10 LED model will give you enough light to get your item without using your sense of feel.  The remote solar panel will give you the ability to mount it in a place that will get sun and let you have light inside your shed.

Lets look at some of the details of this model.  For other Solar Lighting needs look at my other suggestions here.


Coleman Cable 10 LED Solar Shed LightProduct:Coleman Cable 10 LED Shed Light

Price when article was written:$27.76

Where to get for the best price online:




Maxsa 40218 solar security light mountedWhat you get in the box


You will get a fixture with 10 LED bulbs. It has a switch for low or high and a string for off/on. Three Rechargeable batteries will power your light when turned on for about four hours after  full charge.

It will mount with a screw on each end.  It will connect to the solar panel with a 16 foot cord.  The solar panel can be adjusted after mounting for the best angle to the sunshine.  The assembly of this unit will be mounting the solar panel (it does come with a mounting bracket or you can mount on a flat surface).

On the low setting (5 LED’s) you will get 4 hours of light from a full charge, on the high setting (10 LED’s) you will get 2 hours of light from a full charge.  If you fail to turn off when leaving, you will not have light the next time.


Shed Solar Panel MountingMy take on this fixture


I think this fixture would be a great addition to anyone who has to go outside to the shed after dark to get something that would be needed now.   If your shed is dark during the day, the 16 foot cord could get you to some sunshine to give to light during the day also.

This solar powered light fixture will work great for getting in and out of a shed, don’t expect enough light to work or find something in the back corner.

Having one that you can take backpacking or camping in a remote area will give you some light that you can use in a tent without a flashlight.

One customer stated that they use theirs in an outhouse by the lake.  May not be bright enough to read a magazine, you will be able to find the proper place to sit though.



Can use in remote locations that do not have an electric source, camping, shed or outhouse (some people still have these don’t they)

Has multiple mounting options

Solar panel has 16 feet of connecting cord



Not bright enough to illuminate shed for working

Have to replace all three rechargeable batteries at one time

Must have a source of direct sunlight for the solar panel

Where to get your Solar Shed Light for the best price online



When was the last time you had to go to the shed after dark to find a snow shovel, lawn chair or other item and just could not see to find it. If you had a solar shed light you would be able to find stuff without feeling every item in the shed or waiting for a full moon.  The Coleman 10 LED light fixture will solve these problems.

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