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Metal and Wooden Wind Chime

Best Sounding Wind Chimes



How to find the best sounding wind chime for you. The origination of wind chimes goes way back to around 1100 BC. Some Asian countries used them to ward off evil spirits or to relax your mood.  The wind chimes made by the Romans were made of bronze and were very heavy.  The best sounding wind chime will be like a story as each one will have different tones.  The wind will control the sails or clapper to make the sounds happen.

Good wind chimes will produce the best sound as they are build to produce a certain tone.  Look for a vendor that has sound bits with each product.  This will allow you to hear the tone before your purchase. The sound is one of the most important parts of your wind chime.


The tone can depend of the material or the length of the tubes.  The metal tubes will produce a higher tone, the wooden tube will produce a lower tone.  The clapper will also change the tone of the wind chime.  Metal on metal will create a higher pitch.  Wood on wood will create a lower pitch.  It is very important to know what pitch that you are looking for before your final purchase.

The different tones a wind chime can make depends on the number of tubes.  The more  tubes the more different tones that will be produced.  The shorter tubes will produce higher pitch and the longer tubes will create a lower pitch.  To silence your wind chime look for removable sails or a magnet to stop your sail or clapper.


snowman seasonal wind chime

Snow Man Wind Chime

There are about as many styles as you can imagine.  Nature, holiday seasons, solar, changing color, indoor, bells, gongs,collegiate, feng shui, personalized, tubular and many more.

The length of a wind chime can be as long as 6 feet or longer.  These would have a very deep tone.  Size will be a factor in you purchase.

Some indoor wind chimes are very small to fit on the inside of a window.  They can get their power from a small breeze or be solar powered.  In calm areas a solar powered wind chime can make your outdoor area come alive with sound.


Ceramic-can be made in any design and color

Glass-reflect the most light and can be very colorful

Wood-many varieties of wood can add to decor and the tone, may not weather very well

Metal-higher pitches and can be powder coated in many designs, will weather and take high winds.  Will be the most durable in the outdoor weather.

More Information


I have an article on wind chimes with sounds here.  If you need more information on wind chimes please send me a note below.



Many factors will be considered before you find the best sounding wind chimes.  Do some research before you make your purchase of a quality wind chime a long term investment.  Make a check list of the important things on your list.  Included in this check list will be material, size, removable clapper and solar power if you want to use without wind.  Your choice can bring many years of enjoyment and relaxation.

I hope that you have found this information in this article helpful.  If you have any questions or comments please use the forms below.