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Two Person Swing with Canopy


Does your patio or yard need a Two Person Swing with Canopy for your relaxation.  If you want to read or just snuggle with someone, a two person swing will give you an oasis in your outdoor space.   All of these swings will be under $150 at the time of this post, depending on the options that you wish to have will determine the amount you will spend.

Lets look at five swings and see what works best for your situation.

Aiden 2 seat Swing with AwningMainstays Aiden 2-Seat Sling Swing

Under $100


This simple swing will allow you to sit and enjoy your outdoor space in comfort and shade.  The powder coated steel frame will have a brown finish.  The light tan fabric is fade resistant and UV treated to keep its color under bright sunlight.  The Canopy is adjustable to the changing position of the sun.  The thin fabric will require very little time for drying.

It will support two people of less than 500 pound combined weight.  The swing is 62 inches wide, 47 inches deep and 64 inches high.

Assembly is easy, may require two people when installing canopy.  You will need a Phillips screwdriver, all other tools are included.  Assemble on a flat surface for proper leveling.



Jefferson Wrought Iron Swing with CanopyMainstays Jefferson Wrought Iron Outdoor Swing

Under $130


Very stylish and ornate.  This Swing does not include any cushions for your comfort.  The wrought iron and canopy is finished in black.  The frame can look bronze in color when in the bright sun. Cloth shade is adjustable for the moving sun.

The swing is 58 inches wide, 46 inches deep and 65 inches tall.  The seat is 40 inches wide, 19 inches deep and is 18 inches off of the ground.  It will handle a total of 500 pounds of weight.

Easy assembly, one person took 1 1/2 hours by himself to put together.  Some help will be needed when you insert canopy..  Tools are included, except for  a Phillips screwdriver.




Richland Landing 2 seat Swing with Canopy and OttomanMainstays Richland Landing 2-Seat Swing with Pullout Ottomans


Under $150


If you are looking for the maximum comfort for your outdoor space, this swing has pull out Ottomans that will make you think you are in your living room relaxing after a long day.  The striped canopy will cover your head and the pull out Ottomans will support your legs.  The fabric is fade resistant and UV treated.

The stuffed backrest will give you long hours of comfort also, although they cannot be removed for bad weather. The powder coated frame is painted a dark color.  It is 63 inches wide, 51 inches deep and 69 inches tall, a little larger than most others in this article.  It will support 500 total pounds on the swing.

Assembly will take a little longer with this swing as there are more moving parts.  Leave about two hours for assembly, with some help and you will need a Phillips screwdriver, all other tools are included.



Floral 2 seat Swing with CanopyMainstays 2-Person Padded Swing, Floral

Under $100


Need some color added to your outdoor space, this is the swing for you.  With a bright floral design for the polyester fabric with UV protected cushions and a powder coated steel frame you can expect many comments on your swing.

This swing will support 500 total pounds with a seating area of 41 by 22 inches.  Your swing will be 60 inches wide, 46 inches deep and 65 inches tall.

Assembly will take about an hour with some help.  Just need a Phillips screwdriver and the included tools to complete assembly.


2 person Camo Swing with CanopyMainstays Big and Tall 2-Seat Bungee Swing


Under $150 online was $168 in the store


Looking for something different or are you a larger size?  This swing will have something for you.  The Camo fade resistant fabric design will be a favorite with the outdoor types. The powder coated frame with the pivoting center table top will be the give you many hours of relaxation.

Two cup holders in the table top will hold your beverage when needed, and a small tray for snacks.  A small basket is included to hang below the table, with a cold pack you could store additional beverages.  Canopy is adjustable when the sun moves across the sky.

The twin seats are 22 inches wide and each chair will support 350 pounds, mush more than the other swings.  The swing is bigger than the others at 75 inches wide, 48 inches deep and 70 inches tall.

Assembly will take about 2 hours depending of the amount of help and your mechanical abilities.  Phillips screwdriver is all the tools you should need for assembly as Allen and box end wrench are included.


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Taking care of your Swing


Simple soap and water will be all you will need to keep your swing looking like new.  The fabric will need little care.  Having some protection from weather will make the swing last longer.  As the cushions do not remove on these swings, use will have to wait until they dry after a rain.



When looking for a Two Person Swing with Canopy, I have given you five different options.  More options are available at  My favorite is the camo swing, as it provides a lot of options for the price.

If you want to add cushions to your swing, see options here.

Thanks for reading my post, if you have any questions or comments please use the form below.

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