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Low Voltage Well Landscape Lighting


Looking to highlight an area without the sticks of a low voltage or solar lighting system. low voltage well landscape lighting will be at ground level and if you choose the flat style they can be installed right on a pathway.  Use a Well Light to highlight a small or large object in your outdoor space by choosing the diffuser type on top of the fixture.

Lets look at the different styles and see which one fits your outdoor space the best.

Types of Well lights


Brass well lightThe difference is the light is buried underground and does not sit on a stick. The advantage here is that the light will not be an obstacle on your path or deck area.  Most will shine the light straight up.  This will require to have a deflector installed above the light to direct the light for highlighting an object in your outdoor space.  The other method is to have an eyeball type of light that will rotate in the fixture to highlight an object.

You can purchase your well light in many finishes to mach your decor.  Some will be like a spot light, while others will spread the light more like a flood light.  Choosing weather you want to highlight an item or light up an extended space will determine what kind of light you will be looking at.

Look at the light bulb in your well light as some will come with a low voltage bulb and some will come with LED bulbs.  The big difference to me is the LED bulbs will last the life of the fixture in most cases and put out a whiter light.  Check out the lumens output to compare the output of LED lights.  Some people prefer the soft light of the low voltage bulb.

What it takes to install Well lights


louvered well lightMost Well lights will work with existing Low Voltage systems. Check the voltage on the item description as some will have different voltage requirements and will require a specific transformer.  As with any lighting path on a low voltage system, you will have to add the wattage total for the run to determine the need size of wire and transformer.  If you install on an existing line make sure that you do not exceed the maximum load for the system.

You will have to determine the amount of space that your light will need under the ground before you plan your lighting setup.  Look at the height and width of your light and most of it will be underground. Some will require only a small hole, while others will require more digging.  If you want to be creative you could even put these type of lights in a paver stone walkways or patios in your yard.

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You have many choices of Low Voltage Well Landscape Lighting when looking to highlight a feature in your outdoor space.  I think I have given you some ideas to what you can do.  Just look at your outdoor space and decide on the finish, style and type of bulb that will work best for you.

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