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Low Voltage Bollard Landscape Lighting


Low Voltage bollard lighting fixtures can make a statement when they light up your driveway, steps or walkway to the entrance to your home.  We will look at the Alumilux Low Voltage bollard lights in this review.

What you get in the box

You get a light fixture that is 23.5 inches tall. A 3 watt 12 volt bulb will be the illumination for this light. It will produce 210 lummens of light, enough for a soft glow for your driveway or path.  The light fixture has lead wire to connect to your power run with a underground rated low voltage connector.  

There is a ground stake that will go into the ground almost 12 inches.  Included will be two rods with bolts to secure the ground stake.

Use this link for more information on the Alumilux Bollard light

How your lights will work

When you have planned your run of lights, this will give you the size of the run wire and transformer that you will need for this light fixture. With this design you can have several different styles and shapes of lights in the run.

The transformer will have a some kind of switch for turning on the lights an when they will be displayed.  You can have a dust to dawn or a motion sensor put on most transformers if not built in.

What you will need to install

You will first need a transformer and run wire, as these are not included in the kit.  

After you have located the play where the lights will be installed you will install the ground stakes in.  If you live in a rocky location, be care full not to break off your stake will trying to install it.  The ground stake will be further stabilized with the anchor bolts.

Once the foundation for your fixture is done you can install the light to the base with the included screws.  Connect the lead wire to the run wire with the included cable connector.  Test your lights.

Use this link for more information on the Alumilux Bollard light


This is a great contemporary lighting fixture for your driveway or walkway lighting.  It will produce a soft light for you to navigate your way to your front door.  This light will not light up a great big area like a security light, this is not what it is designed for.


Soft light for entry areas to your home. Contemporary design.

Very stable once installed.

Easy to clean and will work well in wet locations.


Does not produce a lot of light.

Have to buy wire and transformer if not installed on a present run of lights.

Thanks for reading my post, hope you liked this Low Voltage Bollard Landscape Lighting fixture.  Any questions or comments, please use the forms below.