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BH & G Hillsboro Bistro Set

When looking for a patio bistro set that has great looks and requires very little care, the Better Homes and gardens bistro set will be a great set to have on your list.

I will detail the set in this article to let you make the choice if it is for you. Read along with me and see what features this set has. Now let us begin with the simple details.

Better Holmes and Gardens Hillsboro bistro set

Overview of the Hillsboro bistro set

Chair size24 inches deep, 22.75 inches wide, and
Table size deep, 26 inches across and 28 inches tall
Cushion materialNone
Current price$357.50
My rating 4.75 out of 5

Who is this set for

BH & G Hillsboro Bistro Set-Table details

This bistro set will work well for those who want seating for two, a large table, and do not want a lot of maintenance. The construction of this set will lend itself to being left out in most outdoor weather conditions.

The table in this set will be larger than most at 26 inches across, most are in the 20 inch range. This will give you plenty of room for a big meal and drinks for you and your guest.

The metal legs will have the rich look with the turned wood look. Each of the legs will have this design towards the top except the back legs of the chairs.

Features of this bistro set


Hillsboro table leg details

The chairs will have matte black steel frames with black polystyrene slats for the seats and backs. The slats have a wood grain finish to give you a rich look t your set.

Each of the front legs will have the look of turned wood just under the seat. The back legs will be square with a curved design.

Each of the chairs will be 24 inches wide, 22.75 inches deep and 33 inches tall. They will support 250 pounds of weight each. Add some cushions for extra comfort.


Table will have the same design as the chairs with steel frames and polystyrene slats. The same wood grain look and turned legs will give you a great looking matched set.

The table will be larger than most in the bistro set category at 26 inches across and 28 inches tall. The extra room will allow room for a meal, drinks, and dessert all at the same time. The slats on the tabletop will allow rain to drain off by dripping between the slats. This will allow you to use the table shortly after rain.

Construction of the patio furniture

BH & G Hillsboro Bistro Set-front leg and seat design

This simple set will have steel frames with a matte black finish. The legs have a turned look that will resemble a wooden structure. This is a great look without the work to keep the wood looking new.

Polystyrene slats with a wood grain surface will be attached to the seatbacks, seat bottoms, and tabletop. This will give you a surface that will not rust and look great at the same time.

Assembly and care of this set


The table will need the four legs attached one to each corner, Then you will need to attach the slates to the tabletop. The final step is to add the plugs to the top of each screw attaching the slates.

The chairs will have two sides that will have the legs and arms. The seat base and backs will connect the two sections on legs. Before the final tightening of this hardware, place your chair on a solid level surface for the best results.

Next step is to add the slats to the seats and backs There will be plugs to add the holes to cover the tops of the screws so they cannot be seen. This will help with looks and keep yo from snagging your clothes on them.


BH & G Hillsboro Bistro Set-Chair side look

This set will need very little care. Just a simple mild soap and water will handle most spills and stains. Most will wipe off with a damp rag only.

Do not use any chemicals on this set as it will start the painted surfaces to loose their finish. The polystyrene material may also look color and start to deteriate with any cleaning chemicals used.

Be careful of what you use to clean this set.

Pros and Cons of the Hillsboro Bistro set


  • No cushions to store
    • No seat or back cushions to store
  • Great turned wood look
    • Table legs and front chair legs will have a turned wood look with the design.
  • Can be left in outdoor weather conditions
    • The painted steel frames and polystyrene slats will require not storage in average outdoor weather conditions


  • Not for long term sitting comfort
    • No movement in chairs and no cushions for seat or backs
  • Plastic pieces may be tough to replace if damaged
    • The wood grain surface can not be duplicated if a slat gets damaged
  • May be harder to get chairs under the tabletop for storage
    • The table legs on the corners give you only a small area to place the chairs under the tabletop, you cannot turn them in from the sides. Chairs will not stack for storage.

For the current price and availability, use the following link for details

Buy pic for Hillsboro bistro set

Final thoughts on this patio set

IF you are looking for a great looking simple patio bistro set, the Better Holmes and Gardens Hlllsboro set will work out well. The turned legs and plastic straps will give a rich look with out the maintenance of real wood.

The larger table will give you more room for your drinks and snacks than most others in the bistro set class. The slats will give you the ability to use this set shortly after a rain as it will drain quickly.

Need a bistro set with cushions or motion in the chairs for more long term seating comfort? Take a look at some of my other bistro sets on this site, please follow this link for details.

If you have any questions or comments about this patio bistro set, please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.

BH&G Hillsboro patio bistro set


Great looks


No storage needed


Extra large table



  • No cushions to store
  • Great wood finish look
  • Can be left outdoors


  • Can be uncomfortable for long term sitting
  • Can be hard to replace inserts if damaged
  • Corner legs make storing chairs hard