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Outdoor Led Wall Lanterns


Many people have different ideas on what style of Outdoor Led Wall Lanterns would look good on their home.  We will look at five different styles here and let you pick out your own style.  All of these fixtures will need to be mounted on a switch controlled 110 volt electrical box.  I will cover that more at the end of this article.

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 Outdoor Led Wall lantern OL8600Feiss – OL8600-LED – Redding Station – 9.68″ 14W 1 LED Outdoor Wall Lantern


The Redding Station in the title of this fixture is in reference to its old Railroad type of design. A lot of people like this old style of down lighting.  The all aluminum shade, availablein a Restoration Bronze(shown) or Tarnished finish, will direct you illumination down making this fixture dark sky compliant.  This is important for some as it is a law some areas, check your local rules.

The 14 watt LED bulb(included) is powered by an advanced LED Chipset for the best in reliability and performance.  This LED bulb is able to be put on a dimmer for better results.

This fixture is available in two sizes.  A mounting plate of 4.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall, with the fixture 9.5 inches tall, shade 9 inches across and a total of 10.5 inches deep.  A larger fixture has a mounting plate of 4.75 inches wide and 7.88 inches tall, with the fixture 12.5 inches tall, shade 12 inches across and a total of 13 inches deep.



Led Wall lantern OL3400Feiss – OL3400-LED – Mission Lodge – 9.25″ 14W 1 LED Outdoor Wall Lantern


This box shaped fixture will come in two color combinations, Corinthian Bronze Finish with White Opal Glass(shown here) and Brushed Aluminum Finish with Clear Seeded Glass.  You can choose a combination that will go well with your other decor.

Features a 14 watt LED bulb (included) with the latest in LED chipsets to power the light. Bulb is replaceable.  This fixture is California Title 24 compliant.

The mounting block is 4.75 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches tall.  The fixture is 9.25 inches tall, 5.24 across and will extend 7 inches away from the wall.

Led Wall lantern OL7604Feiss – OL7604-LED – Dakota – 16.88″ 14W 1 LED Outdoor Wall Lantern


This hanging Wall Lantern in an espresso finish and white opal etched glass shade will give you a old style carriage look.  This fixture will hang from the mounting block, may need to adjust the height of the electric box as this fixture hangs lower that the rest.

The 14 watt LED bulb (included) is powered by the latest in LED technology.

The mounting block is 9.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide.  The fixture is 9.5 inches tall and 4.75 inches across.  It will extend 6 inches away from the wall.


Led Wall latern SG 8413Sea Gull Lighting – 8413-WL – Outdoor Bullets – 14.25″ LED Outdoor Wall Lantern


This round aluminum style fixture has a powder coated finish. The finish is available in a Bronze(shown), White or Painted Brushed Nickel Finish. Clear Tempered Glass will  cover the bulb on the bottom of the fixture.  The modern style will blend in with many decors.

The 28 watt LED bulb is included.  Bulb should last about 50,000 hours under normal use, you should never have to replace the bulb.

The mounting plate is 4.5 inches square. The fixture is 14.5 inches tall, 5 inches across and will extend 8 inches away from the wall.

Led Wall latern PL P5BellProgress Lighting – P5BELL – Bell – 10.63″ 9W 1 LED Small Outdoor Wall Lantern


Maybe you would prefer the Nautical look of this fixture, it comes in two finishes Textured Graphite(shown) and Antique Bronze with an etched glass globe.

The 9 watt LED(included) bulb will give you about 623 lumens of light.  Bulb can be replaced and a dimmer can be used, just check directions on the specifications on what dimmer switches will work.

The mounting block is 4.5 inches across.  Fixture is 10.5 inches tall and 5 inches across.  It will extend 7.5 inches away from the wall.  This product is Title 24 Compliant.

 Link to lighting prices

Installation tips


If you are just replacing an existing fixture, you work will be simple.  If you are not comfortable with working with electrical connections, consult a qualified electrician.  Make sure power is off, disconnect old fixture, mounting plate and wire connections.  Replace mounting plate, reconnect wires(make sure to connect the same colors together), and then mount fixture, install bulb and turn power back on.

If you are installing a new fixture, you may need to contact a qualified electrician.  He would know the local rules and regulations on what is required in your location for this type of installation.  Not all areas follow the same rules.


After looking at this selection of Outdoor Led Wall Lanterns, I think you should have a better idea what will work for your lighting needs.  Let me know what fixture you like the best and why.

Thanks for reading my post and if you have any questions or comments please use the form below and I will get back to you.

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