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Outdoor Furniture with a Fire Pit


When looking for a feature for your patio, a fire pit is always a good choice.  Adding some outdoor furniture with a fire pit in the center of your seating will be a focal point.  The UniFlame Lp gas fire pit with a tile table top will look great and give out a little heat on those cool nights.

I like sitting around a fire and having conversations with my friends with a cold drink.  Having a gas fire pit will allow you to just turn on the gas, hit the igniter button and sit back and enjoy your evening.  No fire wood, no ash cleanup the next day and you can use this fire pit on wood and composite decks as there is not heat coming out the base.

See my information on fire pits on composite and wooden decks here before you purchase your fire pit.  I have an article on complete sets of fire pits with seating here if you are looking for a matching set.

Now lets look at the details on this fire pit with a table to see if it is right for you.

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Product: UniFlame gas fire pit table

Price when article was written: $250.71

Where to get for the best price online:



Uniflame gas fire pit

What do you get in the box


This gas fire pit will have a center burn area about 24 inches square.  The round stainless steel burner will be covered with black glass beads.  These beads can be purchased in different colors for a change in decor.  You can also add lava rocks or fake wood logs made for gas fire pits for extra cost.

The perimeter of the table top will be covered with black tiles for a place to put your drinks and snacks.  The frame and doors are made of steel with a black finish to match the tiles and beads.

The flame will provide about 30,000 BTU’s of heat on high setting.  A 20 pound propane tank (not included) that is full will provide about 14 hours of heat on high setting.  Your use will determine the amount of time your tank will last.

The fire pit is 32 inches across and is square with about an 8 inch tile boarder and 24.2 inches tall.  It has a door on one side to have access to the propane tank (not included) and fire controls.

This fire pit comes with a vinyl cover for protection when not in use, must cool off before covering as it will ruin cover.  Does not come with cover for center burn area to turn into a full table.


Gas fire pit with conversation furnitureWhere will you use this gas fire pit


The good thing about a gas fire pit is that no heat is put out through the bottom like a wood burner.  You can use on a wood or composite deck with some clearance.  You will have to remember that you do have a flame and keep at least 10 foot clearance from any combustible or materials that could melt (vinyl siding), use your own judgement here.

If you want to just put this fire pit in the driveway, I do this on Halloween, or your yard on a cool night, just move before lighting.  It is light weight without the tank and can be moved easily.

Having a chat set, conversation set or just some lawn chairs, make this fire pit the center of your conversation area.  The heat and surrounding table top will give you hours of enjoyment in your outdoor space.

Inserting battery in IgniterAssembly your fire pit


Assembly will take less than an hour for most people and you will have to supply a Phillips screwdriver.  First you need to find a surface that will not scratch your fire pit during assembly, I use the box that it came out of, just make sure that there is not any staples to scratch your paint.

Turn the table top upside down, attach the burner assembly followed by the four legs to each corner.  Add the feet to the legs, then add the three sides to the legs, make sure you note where the hinges go for the door and do not add a side to this leg at this time.  Add the bottom base followed by the tank support.  Last thing to install with tools will be the door.

When all of the screws are tight turn your fire pit up on the legs and add the black beads.  Adding the battery to the igniter will be the last step before adding the propane tank and starting your fire.


Gas fire pit burn areaQuick points on your first fire


Installing your propane tank will be the first on your list.  Open the tank door, pull out tank tray.  Put tank into the round base of the tray, attach chain to secure your tank. Slide tank back in and lock with the peg on a small chain.  Attach the gas feed line to the tank, make sure it is tight.  At this point you can check for leaks.

Now you are ready for your first fire.  Before lighting make sure there are no packing or other materials left in the burn area.  Open the valve on the propane tank, turn the control knob to low and push in.  Push in the igniter and hold in the knob for about  20 seconds to let the pilot light to ignite.  Turn the control knob to the desired flame height.

When you are done with your fire pit, just turn the control knob to off and turn off the propane tank. Let the burn area coll before putting the vinyl cover on it for storage.



Easy and clean to use, no cleanup after use

Good heat source during cool nights

Works with regular 20 pound propane tanks




Tiles not replaceable

No cover for center burn area to make a table in the summer

Not recommended to cook Smore’s or other foods on

Vinyl cover not very thick, may not last very long

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My final thoughts


When adding to your outdoor furniture with a fire pit, you will not be upset with your decision to purchase this UniFlame gas fire pit.  Easy assembly and no cleanup will make this a smart choice.  If you have a gas grill, use the same propane tank in the summer for grilling, then when the weather starts turning cooler move the tank to your fire pit, no extra cost.

The biggest drawback is that you can only use it for heat, it is not recommended to cook on this gas fire pit.  Making a insert for the burn area will make this a table for the warmer months when a fire is not needed.  If you would like a gas fire pit that makes a table, look at my suggestion here.

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