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Outdoor light with motion detector


When looking for a outdoor light with motion detector for your highlighting needs, a Designers Fountain P218C-06 will be one you will want to look at.  It is a line voltage light fixture with two light bulbs that can be independently pointed to cover a two different items to highlight.

What you get in the box


You will get a fixture in a white finish(also available in a bronze finsh), two light bulbs (Par-38 150 watt), Motion detector and hardware. Most fixtures from other vendors will not include the light bulbs at this price, please check the specifications before ordering.

It will not come with the electrical box for installation as each case will have different wire run requirements.  Can be used in all outdoor locations.

Motion detector has a range of 180 degrees. Does not work as a dusk to dawn sensor.   If you want to trade out for a dusk to dawn sensor for a different type of light coverage it will be an additional expense, but can be wired in the same place.



Installation will take little time if you have your electric box already installed.  You will have to attach the socket part to the backplate.  At this time do not tighten so that it can be adjusted after connecting the backplate to the outlet box.  Attach the motion sensor to the middle hole.

Connecting the wires color to color with wire nuts is all of the wiring you will have to do.  Follow the instructions and connect the head units to the motion sensor outlet wires.  Connect the power side of the motion sensor wires to the wires from the outlet box.

Just connect the backplate to the outlet box and make sure the wires are all inside.  After installing the bulbs you will have to adjust each head unit until you get the desired results.


Light bulbs are included

Motion detector for light only when needed

Can be wall or tree mounted


Electric line must be run underground

Motion detector unreliable.

Use this link for your own Designers Fountain P218C-06 Security Fixture



When looking for a outdoor light with motion detector,  you will have several options.  This Designers Fountain P218C-06 fixture will be a low cost solution.  This fixture comes with the light bulbs.

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