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Fire Pit Deck Protector


I have a few people ask if they can use their Fire Pit on their deck.  If your deck is made from wood or a composite material it is not wise to use a fire pit or chimenea.  The DeckProtect will change that, it is made for just this reason.  We will look at how it is made and how it protects your investment better than anything else on the market.


Why do I need a Deck Protector


With the heat of the Fire Pit hitting 1000 to 1200 degrees, you will need some kind of protection for a surface that will burn or melt.  Most composite decks will melt and your fire pit will be tossed out without some kind of protection.  If you get one of the deck pads it will not protect your deck surface from the intense heat.  In comes the Deckprotect.

The Deckprotect product is made from 16 gauge Aluminum frame, drilled with over 100 holes for drainage.  The frame has five 1/2 inch tall rubber legs to keep the frame off of the deck so that it does not leave any mildew or stains on your deck boards.  This will also allow air to flow between the deck and the frame for better cooling of the deck.

The important part is the pad that is in the frame.  This pad is made from volcanic rock that is crushed and then melted.  When soft it is pulled into fibers and then woven into the pads used in layers in the aluminum frame.  This product is completely fireproof, will not rust or rot.  It is tested to withstand temperatures to 1400 degrees.

This product is manufactured in the United States and comes with a one year warranty against manufacturer defects or flaws.

If you have a Trex deck with one of the lowest temperature melt rates, the manufacturer recommends the DeckProtect product to protect their decking material from damage from a fire pit.  When measuring your pad, make sure that the fire pit fit/chimenea legs sit on top of the pad if you have a deck made of a composite material.

What size do I need and how to use it


Depending on what kind of surface you are putting your fire pit or chimenea on will dictate the size of the pad.  For a wooden deck, it is OK to have the legs of the fire pit on the outside of the pad.  For a composite deck, it is recommended to have the legs on the pad.  Take measurements of the legs and then you can determine the size of the pad that you will need.

The pad will come in four square sizes, 12 inches,16 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches.  All pads will be of the same thickness.  Sitting the legs of your fire pit on the pad will not damage the fireproof material.

Since this video has been produced that pillow has been replaced with a mat.


If you want to protect your wooden deck, composite deck, grass or concrete pad, this DeckProtect will do the job.  One manufacturer has stated that this is the product to use if you are going to use a fire pit on their decking material.

The big complaint from owners of these pads is that if you have stray embers, you will have to address immediately.  The pads are not big enough to cover a large area.  If you have an ember cover for your fire pit, you should use it to control stray embers.

Click here for more information on where to get your DeckProtect Pad


I hope that you have a better idea of how it is made and how it works.  This DeckProtect product used properly will last the lifetime of your fire pit.  If you found this information helpful, share on your social networks to let your friends know.

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