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What Types of Solar Lights


How to choose the best Solar landscape lights.  First you must decide what are you trying to light or highlight to find out What types of solar Lights you will need. Mark out your space and decide how many and what kinds of lights you will need.  You can mix up the types of lights to get the desired look.

The big advantage to the solar lights will be that you can place them any where that they will get sun most of the day.  Another advantage is that you will not need to be close to a power source.  Batteries can be replaced and the LED lights will last the lifetime of the fixture.

Solar Lights for Path Lighting


Path lighting can be done with a series of lights designed for lighting the ground.  If you are

lighting an area that does not have complete sunlight, you can use a remote Solar Panel that can run a series of lights.

Paths can be highlighted with decorative lights that mostly shine down to the ground.  They can be like a hanging lantern or have a reflector to shine the light down.  They must have the opening for the light on the bottom so they can shine on the ground.

Special lights are made to light up steps by being attached to the back of each step. These can be wired in a series to use one photo cell.

Solar Lights for Accent


Do you want to show off something in your outdoor room at night?  A single item or a whole area can be lighted with a Spot light.

Accent lighting will help you.  You can take a spotlight to light up a single item and highlight it.  Think of your favorite item on a path or in your courtyard.  You can highlight it with a spot light and make it a focal point after dark.

This will work with a fountain, address numbers, flag pole.

Solar Lights for Highlighting


A Flood light will give an area a lot of light.  You would use this if you wanted to light a big

area without highlighting a single item.  This is the method you would use for security of your area.  You can light a big area with just one light.  Using several lights can highlight a whole side of your house.

Putting lights level with the ground can highlight the area above and in the daytime no one will know they are there.  These lights shine straight up and will shine on objects above them.  Play with the lighting before planting these lights in the ground.

Specialty Solar Lights


Turtle solar light

Solar Turtle Light

Most specialty solar lights will be used for decoration.   Some are animals, birds, plants or almost any object that can have a light attached or put inside for illumination.

Some Specialty lights will have a separate solar panel with a wire to connect to the light.




When looking to highlight or just decorate your outside space, finding What Types of Solar Lights you will need first can make a big difference in your landscape.

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