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Outdoor Solar Post Lights


I have used regular stick solar post fixtures for lighting my deck at night.  If you have a composite deck with caps on the post, just drill a hole for the post to sit in and enjoy your lighting.

Outdoor Solar Post Lights are now the way to light up your patio or deck that has either 4×4 or 6×6 post for your railing.  The Caps come in 2 major styles.  One slides over the top of the post or post wrap, and has a sleeve to adjust for the post.  The second style attaches to the post cap you have now.  You just drill a hole and slide it in.  No wiring will be needed and you will be able to use your solar post light after the first charge.

Understanding the different styles


Outdoor Solar Post Lights-solar post cap light

Vinyl Solar Post Cap Light

Solar post cap light will just fit over the top of the post. Most all of this type of light will be square in shape.  It will fit very tightly over the post so some adjusting may have to be done.  They come in the two major sizes with the 4×4 having a much larger selection to choose from.

Solar post top light will have to be attached to your cap that is on the post now. This type can come in round or other shapes as it does not have to match the shape of the square post. I had to drill a proper size hole in my cap and the rod that supports the light fits snugly inside. If your post is flat on top you may have to drill a hole in the top of the post also for your cap to be reinstalled.

Outside your post light


Outdoor Solar Post Lights-Solar post top light

Solar Post Top light

The finish on the outside of the cap can match your decor.  It comes in wood, Metal or plastic finish.  The metal finish of copper will fade to a fine patina color when it weathers.  The plastic will come mostly white but can be painted it prepped properly. The top of the light will have the photo cell for charging the battery.  This must be kept clean to properly charge the battery to have a full night of light.  My lights are still on when I get up to go to work in the morning so they can burn all night on a single charge during the day.

Know how to care for your lights


Outdoor solar post lights photo cell

Photovoltaic cell and Photo resister

Keep the photo cell clean to keep a good charge on your batteries.  If you notice the lights are not as bright or last a shorter period of time, check the top of the photo cell for dirt or other debris that might be blocking some of the panel.

The glass or plastic is normally pointed in the down direction so it will not need the attention that the photo cell will need.  Just clean when needed with a damp cloth. The wooden post lights will need the same care as the rest of your decking.  When you refinish the surface do not miss your lights.  Some cracking will happen as the wood dries out just like your wooden decking material.

Batteries will need attention every two years or so.  Some last longer than others.  Make sure you check you voltage, as some will be different.  Make sure that they are rechargeable. Click here to see more information on solar rechargeable batteries.

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