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Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp Posts


When looking for Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp Posts not too many options are available.  We will look at the different styles of Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp Posts and the specifications for each one.  The best thing about this type of lighting option is that you will not have to run wire underground to your pole position, the planter option will be able to be moved without any special installation work.

How does it work and what each of these fixtures have in common.

Each head on the fixtures will have a Solar Panel that will turn sunlight into an electric current.  To store that electric current for the light to work at night will be a 3.2 volt Rechargeable Battery.  Each fixture will have either 1500 or 3000 mAh Rechargeable battery.  The amount of mAh and the amount of sunshine that it receives daily will determine how long and how bright the light can be.  On cloudy days and in the winter, don’t expect these lights to shine brightly or for very long.  The solar panel will have a sensor to let the fixture turn on when the sun goes down.

Replacing a Gas or Electric powered fixture will be easy.  Just make sure that all of the gas lines and electric current is properly disabled to the location before installing the new fixture.

Now lets look at the five styles of Gama Sonic Solar Post Lights and see if one will be able to meet your needs for light and security.  If you want to look at what is available without reading the rest of this post use the link below.

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Gama Sonic 104 Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp PostsGama Sonic – GS-104F – Pagoda Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp Posts

This square pagoda style of fixture has the solar panel on one side of the roof.  This side should be pointed to the south to get the most sun for best illumination after dark.   The frame is made from cast aluminum with a black powder coated finish.

The fixture is 20.5 inches tall and 11 square at the widest.  It has a 3 inch fitter that is standard.  It can also be purchased in a two headed fixture or with a wall mount if you are wanting multiple fixtures that will match in style.

The 8 LED bulbs put out a good amount of light with the help of the cone reflector.  The fixture has a high/low setting for the light, on high it will be as bright as a 25 watt bulb, on low it will shine for a longer period of time.  The solar panel contains a sensor to turn on the fixture at dusk.  This fixture comes with a 3.2 volt 3000 mah rechargeable battery.

Gama Sonic 113 Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp PostsGama Sonic – GS-113F – Flora Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp Posts

This flora style fixture has vines and leaves decorating the glass.  The cast Aluminum frame is powder coated in an Antique Bronze finish with beveled glass.  The solar panel is located on the top of the fixture, this lantern can be mounted in any direction.

The 6 LED bulbs will shine down on the reflector for the most amount of light.  The sensor on the solar panel will turn the light on at dusk.  The 3.2 volt 1500 mha Li-Ion rechargeable batteries will give about 10-12 hours of operation on a full charge.

The fixture is 14 inches tall and 8.5 inches across.  You can purchase it with the fitter base or a mount for a 4 X 4 post.

Gama Sonic 98 Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp PostsGama Sonic – GS-98 Royal Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp Posts

This royal dome topped design has the solar panel on the side of the top.  You will have to make sure it is mounted so the solar panel will get the most light during the day.  The cast Aluminum fixture will come in two powder coated finish colors, a Antique Bronze or Black. The glass is clear with beveled edges.

The 5 LED lights will shine down on the cone reflector for illumination. The solar panel will charge the 3.2 volt 1500 mha rechargeable battery.  The solar panel will have a sensor to turn on the light at dusk.  This fixture has a high/low switch, located under the top of the cap, for the light so you can choose between the brightness or the length of time the light is on, light will last 8-10 hours on low setting.

The fixture is 20.5 inches tall and 9 inches wide.  You can purchase it with one, two or three heads to fit on one fitter post.

Gama Sonic 94 Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp PostsGama Sonic – GS-94 Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp Posts

This Victorian style fixture is made of cast aluminum with a powder coated black finish.  The glass is clear for the most light.  The 9 LED bulbs will have 150 lumens of light for your security.  The fixture comes with three types of mounting systems, wall, post or fitter.  You can also get this design in one, two or three heads.

Depending on the style of mounting system used, the fixture is 18 inches tall and 9 inches across.  The solar panel is on the top and the sensor for motion is on one side of the top.  A switch will allow you to change from dusk-dawn to a motion sensored fixture.  Just make sure that this fixture is not under the eaves as it will not function properly and get a good charge during the day.

The rechargeable battery is a 3.2 volt with 3000 mah for long lasting light at night.  During a good days charge this should give around 12 hours of light.

Gama Sonic 111 Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp PostsGama Sonic – GS-111PL – Multi-Purpose Solar Planter

How about a dual function lamp that will give your outdoor space a floral appeal.  This fixture can be moved with ease to any location that can give the solar panel enough sun during the day to power the light at night.  The planter has a adjustable support post on one side to a scrolled support for the fixture.  If you prefer to have the planter separate from the post, you will have to use a different support for the post.

The 4 LED bulbs in this fixture will turn on at dusk and after a full day of sun last around 12 hours.  The rechargeable battery is a 3.2 volt with 3000 mah of power.  The solar panel is located on the top of the fixture.

This fixture can be adjusted from about 21 inches to 37 inches in height.  Without dirt or plants this fixture is only 4 pounds and can be moved with ease.

Link to lighting prices

Installation Hints

Installation of a Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp Posts fixture will take little effort.  The big part will be if you are replacing a gas or electric fixture.  When replacing one of these make sure that the old power source is capped off properly.

Some of these fixtures will have to have their Solar Panel pointed in the direction of the sun to capture the most amount of sunlight during the day.

Having the 3 inch fitter pipe mounted will be easy.  You do not have to run anything under ground, just make sure the post is stable.  Slide the fixture onto the top of the post and you are done.  The LED bulbs of these fixtures will never need replaced.  The Rechargeable batteries will need replacing every three years or so, depending on the amount of use that they get.


Although these Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp Posts fixtures do not put out the light of a regular or halogen bulb, they have their place in outdoor lighting.  If you are looking to light up you walkway or entrance way, you can use multiple fixtures for little to no installation work.  Very little cost after purchase, only replacing the battery every three years or so.  Pay attention to the size of the rechargeable battery for your selection, it will determine the brightness and length of time of the LED bulbs.

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