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Outdoor Lawn Fountains



What kind of Outdoor Lawn Fountains will you be looking at?  Where will it go?  What will you need to hook it up and keep it running?  These are some of the questions that will be covered in this article.

The price of running an keep up with a fountain is not that much.  Some people will get very frustrated with the lack of water flow in a short time.  Most of this can be solved by following some of my tips below.

Now lets take a look at what will work best for your outdoor space.

backyard water feature ideas

Marsala Wall Fountain

What kind of materials and styles of patio water fountains are there


You can purchase a fountain in ceramic, metal, concrete, resin and fiberglass materials.  Resin and concrete are the most popular and easiest to find.  They will last the best in the outdoor and humid conditions on a constant water flow.

Water falling from level to level is the most popular type of water feature.  This will give you the most sound effect fro your fountain. Rocks are another way to make sound in a water feature, having levels of rocks for your water to flow on will make a great sound.

A large outdoor water fountain will give the most dramatic site and sound, they will come with the biggest price tag and most maintenance.  Having one with multiple tiers will give a soothing sound that will reach a big area outside. Look at some of my ideas on large yard fountains here.
Wall fountains have water running down the face of the fountain.  These can be wired in or have a ground fault plug behind them.  the water will cascade down the face and the pump will send the water back up to a spout towards the top.  Look at some of my ideas on wall fountains here.

Table top fountains are smaller and can sit on any table in your out door room.  These type of fountains are popular for indoor tables also.  Battery or solar ones will allow you to place on the table without the unsightly power cord on the table top.  If you are using a table with an umbrella hole, you can run an extension cord up through the middle of the table without too much trouble.  Just be careful, if you have add an umbrella, vibration could cause a short in the cord.

Things to know before you buy your water fountain


The electric pump will need a 110 volt ground fault plug.  Anytime that you have water and electric, safety should be number one factor.  Check owners manual to see if an extension cord is recommended, most will not recommend one.

If you are using a solar powered pump, make sure your have enough sunlight.  Remote solar panels may have a longer cord to reach the sunlight for proper pump operation during daylight hours.

You will need to have either a water filtration system or use chemicals to keep the water clean.  Birds and animals will drop all kinds of things in your water.  Look for products that will not harm birds or animals.  Some ponds require sealing to keep the finish from pealing or turning color.

Water levels will have to watched closely on smaller fountains.  The water will evaporate very quickly in the summer sun.  Water pumps will need cool water to function properly, low water levels raise the water temperature.

The fountain will have to have a stable and level surface to site on.  A dirt surface is not a good surface as it will erode and your fountain may fall over or become unstable.  Rock or stone is recommended for a larger fountain.

Features to look for in your outdoor water fountain

Look for a fountain with a quiet pump.  If the pump makes lots of noise when running it will ruin the effect of having a water feature in your yard.

Filtration system.  Without a proper filtration system you will have to add chemicals to keep water from growing things.  The pump will not run properly if it becomes clogged with the scum build up. Bad water will stain the fountain very quickly where the water runs between the levels.

Electric hookup.  How long is the power cord, will you have to have to put in an additional outlet to get power to your pump.  Make sure it is a ground fault plug.  You do not want to run your fountain on a extension cord.

Solar lighting.  Some will have lights in the  water, rocks or on the wall the water runs down.  The solar panel will have to have 6-8 hours of sunlight to make it light up at night.

The newer outdoor solar water fountains will have a solar pump.  No electricity needed, only a sunny location. This type of fountain will only run during daylight hours when the sun is hitting the solar panel.

Some of these will have a switch to run on a battery backup when needed.  The solar panel will charge the battery pack when not in use.  Click here for more information on solar rechargeable batteries.  These premium fountains ask a premium price.  Pumps and solar panels can be purchased separately if you want to change an electric pump to a solar powered pump.

Care of your outdoor water feature


Care of the water and the level of the water are the most important things in making your water fountain last.

There are several ways to control the growth of stuff in your water.  Some chemicals are made that will not harm wildlife, these are made just for fountains.  You could add a filtration system to larger fountains.  On smaller fountains just change the water at least once a week.

I had a fountain on a pond in Florida, I used a filter and ultra violet light to keep the growth down. I had several fish that helped also.  After some trial and error this system worked well.

The lower the water level the more heat the pump motor will have as the water will cool the pump during operation.  The less water the more problems you will have with debris and growth in your water.

Make sure all water is drained during the months that you have temps below freezing.

My parting thoughts on outdoor waterfall fountains


Looking for that soothing sound of water running without the sprinkler.  Look at one of these styles of outdoor water fountains for a solution. They will require a little work to keep clean and running smooth, the relaxing sound is worth the trouble.  They will be the talk after your outdoor party, as with some you can put changing light colors in the water after dark for that expensive look.

Thanks for reading my article and I hope you found this information helpful. If you did share on your social networks with your friends.

Any questions or comments use the form below and I will get back to you shortly.  Thanks for reading again.