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Backyard and Outdoor Living Ideas


How much space do you have for your Backyard and Outdoor Living Ideas.  The size of the space will determine what will fit.  Join me in looking at some ideas for small areas here in this article.  I have several areas of this type of space in my yard and at the lake, I will share some on my solutions here.

Lets start with some small spaces like a patio or balcony.


Bistro Set on a deckBistro Set for small Patio, Deck or Balcony


I have a small deck at my camper on a lake.  I have a metal Bistro set for two people to have coffee in the morning.  We listen to the birds and watch the sun rise over the water.  We also use this same set for meals when it is not too hot in the day.

This same set will work in any small area.  If you live in an apartment or condo with a balcony, this set would be a perfect setup for you.

Many styles and designs for bistro sets are available, look at this post for some examples.

Outdoor Treated Swing On a StandHanging Swing or Hammock in a shady spot


I have this wooden swing in my back yard.  I use it to sit and relax after a long day at work.  I can just swing or read will enjoying my favorite beverage.

Several styles of swings are available, metal with canopy, wooden with stand, one, two or three seat option.  I have seen some with coolers and ottomans built in.  To look at more options for a three person swing look at one of my previous post here.  Looking for a two person swing look at this post.

Wooden swings will look good in a wooded area of your backyard.  I have mine between two trees and they provide plenty of shade for use at almost any time of the day.  For my ideas of what to look for in a wooden swing, look at my article here.

A hammock will work between two trees or a stand.  With a stand you can move it around to keep it in the shade, when you put it between two trees it is not mobile.  Hammocks come in many styles and sizes, one person, two person, a single seat that is like a chair.  To look at more examples look at my post here.

Metal Bench Glider on a deckBench or Glider for sitting and reading


When looking for a simple seating for two a bench or glider will work.  They will not take up much space and will be easy to move if you change your mind on where it should be.  You can place one of these in a remote part of your outdoor space to get away from the world for a little while.

If you need some extra storage, some Bench’s are available with under the seat storage and will give you and your guest some place to site around your pool. When done with the pool you can store your toys under the seat.  If you need more details on a bench with storage look at my post here.

Having a glider to relax in will give you motion while you sit and drink your favorite beverage.  I have a metal glider with matching chairs on my side deck at home.  This is out of the hot sun most of the day and you can use it any time.  To look at more information on Gliders look at my post here.

Dinig Table Umbrella Four sling chairsDining table with four chairs


Having a place to have a small meal or play cards, a dining table with four chairs with your friends.  Many styles are available from wood, resin wicker, metal and plastic.  Smaller sets will fit on most decks and patios.

I have this Metal table with umbrella and four sling chairs.  The chairs have some motion.  In the winter months, I bring the chairs in the house.  We can have simple meals out there or just sit and have a glass of tea observing the wild life.

For more information on a small dining table look at some on my post here.




I hope that you found my information on Backyard and Outdoor Living Ideas helpful.  I have these in my outdoor space either at home or at the lake.  You can make any small space and make it a place to relax, eat a meal, read a book, have your favorite beverage, talk about world problems with your friends or just get away from the real world for a little while.

If you have any questions or comments about this post or its contents, use the form below to contact me.