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Did you know there is a big difference in Television’s for outdoor use?  Do you know what it takes to make an outdoor television all weather.

The different factors of an outside television

outdoor flat screen tv

46″ HD all weather television

The case is made of a composite resin with titanium dioxide, it will help prevent deterioration from ultra violet light.  Titanium dioxide is very expensive and is not used on indoor televisions.  Other units have a powder coated aluminum case.

Temperatures outside of your home vary greatly every day while the temperature inside stays where you set the thermostat.  A vent fan will cool the unit when the temperature is too hot and a heater will warm the unit when the temperature falls below the operation temperature.  You can still use this television next to your hot tub in the wintertime when the outside temperature fall below freezing.

The case on the outside television will have vents to let the television either cool or heat the inside in case of extreme temperature changes.  These vents are different than inside televisions as it has to keep out moisture, insects, dirt and dust. The television is not water proof, a drop into the pool will destroy your outdoor TV.  Humidity will vary greatly outside also and the outside case is made to withstand the humidity of the outside.

Hook up of your wires will be done through a water tight cable entry system.  It will keep out pest and moisture.  Keep in mind that your wires for hookup must be rated for outdoor use. The power cord for your unit will be rated for outdoor use.

65" TV for outdoor use

Outdoor LED TV

The screen for your unit will have anti glare screen coating to let you view during the extra bright light you will get outdoors.  This will allow you to use your TV during daylight hours.  Your TV will come with a water resistant remote control

The sound of the outdoor television will be of a greater wattage than that of an indoor television.  The sound does not have a wall to bounce off of and is lost when it hits the follage in your yard.  Most outdoor TV’s have 17 to 20 watts of output, much more than the standard output of 5 to 10 watts of an indoor TV.

Things that will enhance your outdoor television

Deck planter pole mount-Pole mounts can either be put in concrete or bolted to a solid surface at ground level.  They will require the wall mount system below for the unit that will be mounted on the pole.

Wall mount-Articulating wall mounts for your TV will be made of aluminum and will have the vesa mounting pattern for most models.  These mounts will be adjustable for angle up down and left and right.  The movement will be similar to an indoor mount.

All weather cover-This cover is made of a four ply polypropylene fabric and will protect your outdoor TV from weather and UV rays from the sunshine.  Will come with Velcro straps to keep in place during storage of your TV.

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