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Outdoor Bistro Table and Chairs


We are going to look at the Mainstays Sand Dune 3-Piece Outdoor Bistro Table and Chairs for use on your patio, balcony or deck.  This set is made for use in small areas and will sit two people for hours of dining, conversation or just a little alone time.

This bar height set is not for everyone, it works best for those by the pool or you want a clear view over a deck railing.

Now let us look at the details of this bistro set.

Product: Mainstays Sand Dune bar height bistro set

Price when this article was written: $129

Where to get for the best price online: Walmart



What do you get with your set


You will get a table that is 24 inches square and almost 28 inches tall.  This table will be big enough to have a tray of drinks or plates for eating. Big enough for a romantic dinner with candles and a bottle of your favorite beverage.  Not quite big enough to bring all of the food to the table.  If you are not into talking, two laptops can sit on this table and you can just scan the web and vegetate.

The table is made of a Powder-coated steel frame with a tempered safety glass insert.  The color is a flagstone.  The table does not have a hole for an umbrella.

The chairs are 25 inches deep, 22 1/4 inches wide and almost 35 inches tall.  They have a metal frame that is powder-coated in the same color as the table and knitted durable fabric material for the seat and back.

The chairs have arms that have a curved look and that look flows through the legs.  The maximum weight for each chair is 250 pounds.  The chairs do not fold for storage.  One customer stated that his chairs do stack.

The whole set will weigh about 50 pounds.  You will be able to move around to different areas without any problems or when storage time comes this set will be easy to store for the winter.

How to assemble


If everything goes OK, your new Bistro set will be ready for relaxing in 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your skill level and how the bolt holes align up when being assembled.  All the tools you will need are a Phillips head screwdriver and your reading and assembly skills.


The tabletop is assembled with the glass in a steel frame.  You attach the legs with the four supplied Phillips head screws.  The square brace is then attached to each leg with two hex head screws and washers. A plastic cap goes over each hex head screw.  The hex head driver is included in the parts kit.


The seat and back assembly with each come complete.  You have three different sizes of hex head bolt for assembly, make sure you are using the correct one.  The back attaches to the seat with four hex head screws, leave loose.  Each leg will be attached with three hex head screws, two different sizes.

After all the screws are loosely tightened, you can begin to secure each one.  After the screws are secured a plastic cap will be applied.  Two different sizes of hex drivers are included in the parts bag.

Some customers stated that when first using their chairs the legs had to be adjusted so that the chairs did not rock.

Mainstays Sand Dune Seat MaterialHow do I take care of my Bistro set


This Bistro set will require little care.  If left out where the birds can get to it you will have to wash it with a mild soap and water solution more often.  Just rinse off the soap with clean water and use a soft dry cloth to prevent a wet bottom when sitting.

The top will require only a good quality glass cleaner and a clean rag to keep it looking like new.

Do not use bleach, acid or other solvents on painted steel parts.

Be sure to store in a dry area during times when you are not going to use your set for an extended time.


  • Small lightweight, can be moved easily.
  • Easy to take care of
  • Table big enough for a meal, not too big to take up much space


  • Assembly can be a little tricky if the holes do not align up.  May have to adjust the legs to have a stable chair.
  • No hole in the table for an umbrella for shade.
  • It only comes with two chairs, cannot order extra chairs.

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Mainstays Sand Dune tall bistro setConclusion


If you have a small patio, balcony or deck this Outdoor Bistro Table and Chairs set could be what you are looking for.  The sling type of chairs is very comfortable for sitting for any length of time.  The table is big enough to eat a meal, talk over a glass of your favorite beverage or just relax with a book or your favorite electronic device.

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