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Metal Outdoor Patio Furniture


This post is the individual pieces of metal outdoor patio furniture from the Mainstays Belden Park collection from  If you are looking for bistro, dining or conversation sets look at this article here.  This collection has some seating selections that are not available any where else.  I will also give you the details for the umbrella that is available in this collection.

The frames are made of steel with a very durable powder coated finish.  This will help this furniture last years in the outdoor environment.  Cushions should be stored out of the elements if you wish to extend their life. See some of my storage solutions here.

Now lets look at the details of each piece.

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Mainstays Belden Park swing hammock combo3 person hammock swing


Price when article was written: $238.58

Looking for convertible furniture for your outdoor space, this swing will surprise you. It is a swing with or without a canopy and the back will lay flat to make it an outdoor bed or hammock.

The swing will come in all four colors of this collection (red, blue, green and tan).  Having seating for three will give plenty of room for grand kids to sit and relax the day away.  Perfect for by the pool or just a stand alone feature in your outdoor area.

The swing is 78.75 inches wide and 70.5 inches tall.  The seat is 64.25 inches wide and 21 inches deep when seat is in the upright position.  It hangs from springs to give a softer seating.  Will support 750 total pounds for seating.

Canopy is adjustable to allow you to chaise shade during the day.  It can be removed if needed.  Canopy and cushions are made from a polyester fabric that is outdoor and UV rated. I would still recommend storing cushions when not in use and removing canopy when high winds are expected.

Seat can be lowered to bed position by unlocking two arms in the back and letting the back down.  No reclining position is available, only up or down.  I am 6 feet tall and too tall to lay on this swing without pulling up my legs, will be great for shorter people.

Assembly will take some time and it is recommended to have at least two people involved.  Tools for assembly are included, it will take at least an hour with two people to get this item put together for use.



Mainstays Belden Park chaise loungeChaise lounge


Price when article was written: $119.99

This chaise lounge will look great around the pool side and cushions are available in all four colors for this collection.  Having 5 positions for reclining adjustments and can lay flat will make sunning yourself a pleasure.  When all the way flat, there will be a small gap between the bottom cushions and the back cushion, you may have to use a towel or cushion to remain comfortable for any length of time.

The lounger will be 63 inches long when the back is in the upright position and 72.5 inches long when laying flat.  It is big enough for my six foot frame to be comfortable.  The seat is 26 inches wide and will be 38.75 inches tall when in the full upright position.  It will support 250 pounds for sitting.

Assembly will take less than a half an hour depending on your ability.  Attach back legs to small seating area, attach bottom seating area, attach back with adjusting arms.  Add cushions.  Some customers did complain that holes did not match up, this is a problem with this type of furniture when packaged and shipping long distances.

Bottom cushions will Velcro to seat, back cushion does not have any straps.  Storage is recommended for cushions when not using for extended periods of time.  A sling type fabric will support the cushion on the seating portion of this lounger.

A drawback to this chaise lounge is that it does not have wheels for mobility like some others, it will have to carried or dragged to another location to chaise the sun or shade.


Mainstays Belden Park glider2 person glider


Price when article was written: $110.71

I have a wrought iron glider on my side deck.  This makes a seating area that you can sit and relax with your favorite person with a drink and forget the problems of the world.  This glider with the cushions will make it comfortable for a long period of time.

The glider is 45.5 inches wide, 27.75 inches deep and 32 inches tall.  It will support 500 pounds.

Gliding motion is provided by two arms on each side that hang the seat arms from the bottom frame.  The gentle motion will provide hours of comfort.

The cushions will come in all four colors of this collection.  Velcro straps hold them in place. Seat bottom and back have a sling type fabric to support the cushions.  Storage is recommended for cushions when not in use.

Assembly is easy and should not require over an hour with two people with some skills.


Mainstays Belden Park stand alone hammock1 person hammock


Price when article was written: $64.99

If you are looking for a stand alone hammock, this one will be what you are looking for, no trees needed.  A head pillow and storage pouch will add to your enjoyment of this hammock.

The hammock is 91 inches long 38 inches wide and 32 inches tall.  It will support 250 pounds.  It has vinyl feet to keep in place and will not mark up you floor surface.

The 1 inch thick cushion will hang from each end of the frame with chains, you can easily remove the cushion for storage when not in use. The chains have a protective cover to let them blend in with the hammock.  I find that you can just roll up the cushion when removed and it will be easy to store.

A small pillow will attach to the head portion and a pouch can be attached to either end of the frame.  You can store reading material or you favorite portable device in this pouch to keep it handy while relaxing in your hammock.

Assembly will require no tools, as the frame just slips together.  You must put the pouch on the end of the frame you want it on before assembly.  Bed cushion is attached with connectors at the frame and the end support of the cushion.

This hammock is easier to get into than the ones that hang from a tree.  It does not swing like a tree hammock, it is more steady, much better for us older people.  It is very lightweight and easy to move if you are chasing the sun or shade depending on your requirements.


Mainstays Belden Park umbrella9 foot umbrella


Price when article was written: $59.88

If you have the big dining set with seating for six, this is the umbrella that will color match your set.  Available in all four colors, this umbrella will give you plenty of coverage.

It has a crank to raise and lower the top.  It can be tilted for more coverage from the moving sun.

It is 110 inches across and 91 inches tall without a stand.  Stand is not included in this price, for more information on my recommendations for stands look at my article here.

Shade is made from a polyester material.  Should not fade in the sun, I do recommend storage during the winter months.

To look at other umbrella options use this link.  Umbrellas with lighting options are also available, some of my options are here.

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My take on this collection


Having a swing that converts to a flat bed is great for any outdoor space.  I would not call is a hammock, but it still will swing.  I have a glider in my outdoor space that does not have a cushion like this one, it is still comfortable with the back and forth motion.  Who would not want an umbrella for their dining area.  I have three outdoor umbrella’s and I like that you can adjust the angle with this model.

Having matching cushions and frame colors is what you will get with this collection.  If your outdoor space is big or areas are connected, these matching sets or individual pieces will work well.

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