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Resin Wicker Patio Conversation Sets



When you are looking for resin wicker patio conversation sets, the Hanover collection will give you many styles and colors. From a simple four piece conversation set to a six piece set with a fire pit for a central feature. No matter what you are looking for in resin wicker patio furniture, you will find something in this collection.

Space is the first thing to look at when considering one of these sets. A bigger area is required for most of the resin wicker set than a regular metal set. The woven wicker will make your patio furniture look and feel like it has more bulk.

Watch this quick video to see the different styles in this post.

Now lets get into the details of each design and see what well in your outdoor space.

Hanover Ventura resin wicker patio conversation setHanover Ventura Fire Pit Lounge Set

This four piece set will include a gas fire pit table, love seat and two lounge chairs. Thick cushions and deep seating will give hours of comfort on your patio or deck area. With metal frames with a powder coated finish covered with a walnut colored resin wicker weave, this set will give a rich look.

Chairs will offer some motion with a flex plate between the seat base and chair base. Not a full rocker, any motion in a chair will provide longer seating comfort. Thick cushions will give you longer seating comfort also. four back pillows will give additional seating comfort.

Cushions are available in two colors at this time, red and light tan. The light tan color will have two different colors options for the tile, natural stone and wood grain. Color combinations will match a wide range of outdoor decors.

Gas powered fire pit will work on both propane tank and natural gas. The burn area can be covered with the included metal cover when fire is not needed to give you a coffee table for good and drinks. The area around the burn area is covered in a porcelain tile. Bottom is covered in the same walnut resin wicker as the seating pieces.

A drawer on one end will give easy access to the 20 pound propane tank when it needs replacement. 40,000 BTU’s of heat will be produced on the high setting for your cool either comfort. Red glass beads will be included for your burn area. Control panel is behind the door so that kids cannot change or turn on the unit without opening it.

Igniter and thermo-couple will add to safety of this fire pit. Parts to convert to natural gas are also included in the hardware kit, it is recommended to get a qualified person to install the components.

This set will be for those with a big outdoor space that wants the convenience of a fire pit table that can provide heat on those cool nights and also provide a coffee table during the warmer months.

Hanover Cortez patio conversation setHanover Cortez Patio Set

The Hanover Cortez conversation set has a more contemporary style, with clean lines and not a lot of bulk. The aluminum frames will have oval highlights. No resin wicker in this unit. Two straight leg chairs, a three seat love seat and large coffee table will round out this set.

Each sitting position will have thick cushions and a throw pillow. Arm rest will add to the comfort of your sitting pieces. Seating cushions can be reversed to a flower design.

Table is quite large at 40 inches square, it will have a tempered glass top. The smooth top will give you a lot of area for snacks and drinks.

This set will work best for those who are looking for a set with clean modern contemporary lines, seating for five and have a large area. A 10-foot square or larger area will be needed for this set to sit comfortably.



Hanover Gramercy 5 piece patio conversation setHanover Gramercy Patio Seating Set

This set will come in two colors and with or without the side barrel table. The cushions will come in red or tan. The side table is shaped like an old whiskey barrel for added room for drinks. Seating for five with a three seat love seat and two chairs will give you room for a lot of guest. The oval coffee table will add to the modern design.

Thick cushions will give seating comfort with four back pillows included. Steel powder coated frames will have a woven resin wicker cover. Curved arms for the seating pieces will add to the modern design.

Coffee table will have a tempered glass insert and a great oval design to set this apart from the other square looking coffee tables in most sets. An added side table that has the look of an old whiskey barrel covered in resin wicker with a tempered glass insert.

This set will be for those who what the inside look in their outdoor space. This set can also be purchased without the barrel side table.  To see more details of this Gramercy patio seating set, go to my post here.

Hanover Newport patio conversation setHanover Newport Conversation set

This is a premium looking and feeling conversation set. With a two seat love seat, two sofa like chairs with ottomans and a fire pit table, comfort during all seasons will be enjoyed. Powder coated steel frames will have a resin wicker cover. Fire pit table will include a steel cover for the fire pit when a full table is needed.

Sitting pieces will have thick cushions and a throw pillow for each sitting position. Cream or red colored Olefin fabric cushions are available, this fabric is very good in outdoor conditions. Two ottomans will add to the seating comfort, giving extra seating or a place for your feet after a long day at work.

A faux stone surround will be used on the fire pit table-top around the burn area. Resin wicker base will add to the premium look of this fire pit. Red fire glass will be used in the burn area, this can be changed out for different colors for your decor needs. Fire pit controls are hidden to keep children from messing with your fire pit, this is a safety feature.

A 20 pound propane tank (not included) will power the burner to 40,000 BTU’s of heat. This will allow you to heat an area of 15 feet around the fire pit. This will keep your guest warm on most cool evenings. Tank will sit on a shelf under the fire pit that will roll out when the tank needs to be changed.

Need to extend your season of sitting outdoors, the Newport conversation set will do that for you. This set will need a lot of room, at least a 12 by 12 foot area. The Gas fire pit will allow this set to be used on all deck materials even a wooden deck. You must still have at least 12 feet of head room for safety when burning.

Hanover San Morino conversation setHanover San Marino conversation set

The San Marino patio conversation set can be purchased with a coffee table or a fire pit table. Two straight leg chairs with a love seat will round out the sitting for four. Thick cushions are available in three colors (beige, red or blue) and the fire pit table-top will come in two designs for the top surround (natural stone or wood grain) for a lot of options to match an outdoor decor.

Steel frames will have a powder coated finish for long-lasting in out door conditions. A woven resin wicker will cover the steel frame. Thick cushions with Olefin fabric covers and throw pillows will give long term sitting comfort.

Fire pit will give about 40,000 BTU’s of heat, enough to heat a 15-foot radius around the burn area. Red glass fire rocks will be included for the fire pit. Tile table-top around the burn area will give you an area to place your drinks while enjoying the fire.

A woven resin wicker skirt will match this fire pit with the rest of the furniture. A drawer will slide out when you need to change the 20 pound propane tank (not included).

If you choose the coffee table over the fire pit, you will get a regular sized table with a tempered glass top. The table will have a shelf that is used for leg support for extra storage.

When you choose the table, you will get the choice of adding a set of matching ottomans for the chairs for extra seating or a place to prop your feet.

The choices given when purchasing this set will give buyers the chance to match their decor and needs to their patio conversation set. Type of table and color of cushions will give you nine different combinations to match your needs.

Hanover Savannah Resin Wicker Patio Chat SetHanover Savanna Patio Chat Set

Like individual seating for your guest, want four chairs and not two chairs and a love seat. The Savanna chat set will be for you. The four chairs and an ottoman will have steel powder coated frames with a thick woven resin wicker cover. Thick cushions, available in two colors (red and blue) will cover all seating and back positions. Four throw pillows will be included.

Chairs will have thick arms and backs of a brown resin wicker. Each chair will be 28 inches wide, 32 inches deep and 34 inches tall. Weight capacity for each chair is a robust 300 pounds, great for those who have large family and friends.

Ottoman is 35 inches square on top and 11 inches high. It will hold up to 180 pounds for seating, this is great if you have more than four guest.

Cushions for the chairs seats are 25 inches square. Thick square cornered cushions are used in seating positions, cushions with no sides are used for the seat backs.

Little assembly required, you only have to install the legs for this set and add cushions. The Savannah chat set will work best for those looking for deep seating and four chairs, this could help with furniture placement on some patios.

Hanover Orleans conversation setHanover Orleans Patio Lounging set

Something a little different here, The powder coated aluminum frames are loosely covered with a resin wicker weave. You can see through the sides and backs of the chairs. The two chairs will have full motion, they will swivel and rock, this will add to your seating comfort.

Love seat, two chairs and a coffee table are included in this set. Thick cushions that are a lime green color will match some outdoor decors. Cushions and included pillows are made of a polyester material with a foam cushion.

Each chair will be 31.3 inches wide, 33.6 inches deep and 37 inches tall. Chairs will have a swivel base with a bar between the seat and base for rocking motion. This method works very well for patio furniture.

Love seat will be 74.5 inches wide, 33.5 inches deep and 36.75 inches tall. Each seating position for this set will hold 200 pounds.

Coffee table is a little larger than most at 43.3 inches long, 25 inches wide and 22 inches tall. It will have a tempered glass top and a lower leg support shelf that can hold reading material or other things.

This set will work well for those who are looking for a simple looking resin wicker set and want full motion in the chairs.

Hanover Strathmere patio conversation furnitureHanover Strathmere patio furniture collection

Want to have a lot of choices when looking at patio lounging furniture. The Strathmere collection will give you that. It will come in a four piece set with a love seat, two straight leg chairs or two rocking chairs and a coffee table, a six piece set with love seat, two straight leg chairs, two ottomans and a choice of a coffee table or a fire pit.

This will give you a lot of choices of the look without the several colors of cushions that are available. Cushions are available in Navy Blue, Cilantro Green, Woodland rust, Crimson Red, and Ocean Blue. Not all sets will come in all colors, it is recommended that you look at current offerings when selecting your patio furniture.

I will do a review of each type of the Strathmere collection in the near future to give more details. It will be hard to write all the details in this article. I will leave a link as soon as all the details are available.

Hanover Montana Patio Chat Set with Fire Pit TableHanover Montana patio Chat set

This set will include four deep sitting arm chairs with straight legs and a gas fire pit. Aluminum frames will have woven resin wicker on all sides. The top of the square fire pit is metal with a round fire bowl.

The round fire bowl will have red fire glass for ambiance when you have a fire. A metal cover is included for the fire bowl. A drawer on one side will let you easily change the 20 pound propane tank when needed (tank is not included). Control panel is also behind the drawer to keep out of reach of children.

The fire pit will produce 40,000 BTU’s of heat on high setting. A natural gas conversion kit is included with this fire pit. An electronic starter for the fire is also included.

Chairs have a contemporary design with the boxy outside frame. Chairs have thick cushions for both seating and backs. The cushions are available in three colors red, blue and tan. Chairs are straight leg with no motion.

This set will be for those who want to use their patio furniture most of the year. With the ability to have a table or a fire pit and seating for four, this set will be very versatile by the pool or just on a patio outside.

Hanover Metropolitan resin wicker patio chat setHanover Metropolitan Fire Pit Chat Set

For those looking for sitting for two and plenty of comfort in their outdoor space, the Hanover Metropolitan chat set will work well. With two straight leg chairs and a fire pit table, you will get to use this set most of the year. Aluminum powder coated frames are covered with a woven resin wicker material.

The two chairs will have thick cushions available in three colors avocado green, navy blue and Sahara sand. Each chair will come with an accent pillow. Clean lines of the resin wicker will give this set a modern look.

Fire pit will have a tile top that will look like wood grain. A square fire bowl will have red fire glass and a metal cover when no fire is needed. The 20 pound propane tank (not included) will give you 40,000 BTU’s of heat, enough to heat a 15-foot circle on most nights. The controls will be behind the drawer to keep little hands out.

The Metropolitan chat set will be for those with smaller spaces or needs. With only two seats you will have to just invite your very best friend for that adult beverage and evening fire.

Hanover Chelsea Patio Chat SetHanover Chelsea

If having extra places to sit drinks or snacks is important, the Chelsea patio conversation set will help in your needs. With two straight leg chairs, a love seat, a coffee table and two side tables, you will have plenty of table space when needed. When you do not need the extra tables, they can nest under the coffee table.

Powder coated steel frames are covered with a woven resin wicker material. Straight legs and thick cushions will give you hours of comfortable sitting. Each sitting position will hold 250 pounds of butt.

Cushions for the seating and back area are available in four colors, green, red, blue and tan. Two pillows are included in this set.

Coffee table will have two tempered glass inserts with straight legs. The side tables will have a tempered glass insert and are just low enough to fit under the coffee table when they need to be stored.

The Chelsea patio set will work well for those who may need more table space when guest are over. Having the ability to store the two side tables under the coffee table is one of these sets the biggest advantage.

My final thoughts on the Hanover conversation patio furniture collection

When looking for fine resin wicker conversation furniture, do not look past eh Hanover collection. There are many styles and color combinations to choose from. For more details follow the link in each model and I will give more details on where you can purchase your set.

If you are looking for a simple three-piece conversation set or want a high end set with movement and a fire pit, one of the Hanover resin wicker patio conversation sets will work for you. Let me know if you have any thoughts on any of these sets.

Any questions of comments, please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.