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Bollard Landscape Lights



Do you have a long driveway that people sometimes cannot see to stay on when they leave at night. Giving it some bollard landscape lights on each side will make it look like a runway and people will stay out of the ditch or your grass.  They do not provide a great deal of light, just enough to keep people lined up to get out safely.

These examples will give your outdoor area some lighting that will give you some safety and security with out flooding you with light.  The soft glow of the solar bollard lights will allow you to put them on the paths to your front door and not keep you awake at night with the bright light of a security light.

The great advantage of solar lights are that you do not have to run wires or be close to a 110 volt power source.  Now let us look at three examples and compare the products to see if one will work for you.



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Product:Paradise Lighting Solar Stainless Steel Bollard Light, 4pk

Price when article was written:$29.69

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This four pack of stainless steel bollard lighting has the look of the more expensive line voltage bollard lighting. The fixture has a short wide stake that will hold it in the ground, with a plastic frosted lens to give you 360 degrees of lighting.  The LED bulb will give 1.2 lumens of light.

The fixture is 5.3 inches across and 11.75 inches tall with stake.  It will be about 10.5 inches tall above the ground.  The solar panel has a light sensor to turn the fixture on at night, the amount of time the fixture is on is determined by the charge in the battery.  Customers has stated that they get about 8-10 hours of light with each charge.

Some assembly is required, attach the head unit to the body and then attach the stake to the bottom.  Because the stake is short, a solid ground is the best for this application.  Allow a full days charge for this fixture to produce the best light.  Make sure the switch is turned to the on position under the head after the first day of charging.




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Solar Square Bollard Outdoor Pathway Lights, Set of 10, Black

Price when article written:$28.90

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If you like the style of the square bollard lights this all black plastic fixture with a clear plastic lens then this 10 piece set will work for you. With a long stake to hold it upright in the ground the LED bulb will give you 1 lumens of light with the included 150 mah rechargeable battery.

The total height is 15.5 inches with a 4.75 inch stake.  The fixture is 2.31 inches across.  Light sensor in the top solar panel will turn on this fixture at dark for about 8 hours of illumination, depending on the amount of sunlight during the day.



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Product:Mainstays Solar-Powered Landscape Lights

Price when article was written:$7.47

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Not labeled as a bollard light, this seven piece set of fixtures has a stainless steel post with a plastic ribbed lens.  The LED bulb will put out 1.2 lumens each from the 150 mah rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of illumination per day.

Each fixture is 9.3 inches tall and 1.8 inches across.  Comes with a 4.5 inch long stake to secure the fixture in the ground. The fixtures come assembled, you must remove the head to take out the battery guard for the fixture to work.




Paradise Lighting Fixture shown

Trouble shooting your solar bollard lights


Some trouble shooting should be done if your light does not operate properly. If there is an off and on switch under the head unit, make sure it is in the on position. Some fixtures come with a plastic tab to keep the battery from discharging during storage, this must be removed for the fixture to operate.

Factory rechargeable batteries sometimes do not work very long, battery replacement may be needed, look at my article here on Rechargeable Battery Replacement.  Check the security of the wiring, some customers stated that the wires to the battery or battery itself came loose during shipping.

As with any solar lights the biggest problem is recharging the batteries during the day.  Make sure that the fixture gets 8-10 hours of sunlight each day.  The solar panel must remain clear to properly charge.  Do not install close to another source of bright light, the light sensor will not turn on the fixture if it gets too much light at night.

Although these lights are weather resistant, so not install close to sprinkler heads as the water will short these fixtures out.



I have given you the details on three different style of solar powered Bollard Landscape Lights.  I hope that you find one of these sets form that will help you illuminate your driveway or pathway after dark.  These lights only put out between 1-1.2 lumens of light each, about 2 to three feet of good light each.  They will work great where you do not have access to electric or just want a fixture that is easy to install.

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