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Large Outdoor Patio Umbrellas


Did you think of your Large Outdoor Patio Umbrellas when picking out your outdoor furniture, did you think of shade for your table or favorite sitting area?  Umbrellas are offered in many styles and shapes to meet any situation or style.  The color range is endless in the selections of many vendors today.

Having your table on the sunny side of your outdoor space should not keep you from using it during the day.  Having an umbrella to keep you in the shade and cool your space by about 10 degrees will keep your guests comfortable.

Now let us look at a few details of the kind of shade you can get for a patio table that will not break the bank.

Large Outdoor Patio Umbrellas-Black and white umbrella

Dining table Umbrella

Types of Umbrellas

The offset umbrella does not need a table to set the pole in.  It will stand alone and be stable without the table.  You can use it with just two chairs and a side table if you wish.  See my information on Offset Umbrella in some of my posts here.

A simple table or market umbrellas are supported by a hole in the table with a weighted base under the center of the table to hold in down in the wind.  These umbrellas have a crank to open and close.  The Large Outdoor Patio Umbrella will have a pivot point for changing the angle so that you can have shade for longer periods at a time.

Simple beach umbrellas have a pointed pole that is placed in the ground for support and the umbrella is attached to the top. These umbrellas are not very large and require a soft surface to mount.

Large Outdoor Patio Umbrellas-Large Outdoor Patio Umbrella

Large Outdoor Patio Umbrella

Accessories for your umbrellas

Many extras are available now for your umbrella.

Outdoor Patio Umbrella Lights

Lighting can be attached to the pole or you can have string lights on the metal portion of the umbrella.  Lighting can be run by regular batteries, rechargeable batteries, solar-powered and low voltage.  Some rechargeable batteries get their energy from solar panels, others have to be plugged in to charge.

Some lights that clamp to the umbrella pole have sound systems that can play a radio or any other portable music source.  These will come with remote and rechargeable batteries. Do not expect these sound systems to carry music much beyond your table.

Large Outdoor Patio Umbrellas-Outdoor Patio Umbrella Stand

Metal Patio Umbrella Stand

Outdoor Patio Umbrella Stands

Patio umbrella stands come in many styles, colors, and materials. The plastic filled with sand is the cheapest.  It can be molded into any design and color to fit your patio or deck area.

Stone is very attractive but will be mostly square without any cut designs in it.  These can be very heavy and difficult to move.

Metal can be shaped with a lot of designs and still be heavy enough to hold down your umbrella in the wind.  Many different designs can be made from the metal umbrella stand.

Things to know when shopping for your umbrella

The size of the umbrella is one of the most important factors when picking one out.  You must make sure when it is fully open that there is still room to rotate it if you have to tilt it to adjust for the direction of the sunshine.

For those that live in areas with wasp and other insects that like to build nest during the warm months, lighter colors will discourage them. Darker colors will be an attraction for these pests.

On the table that the umbrella goes through, make sure that you have a ring for the table to protect it.  If you have a glass table and do not have the hole ring the umbrella may break the top when blowing in the wind even if it is retracted.

I hope you found this information helpful in your search for your Large Outdoor Patio Umbrella.  If you have any questions or comments please use the form below.