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Metal Patio Furniture Sets


When looking for inexpensive metal furniture for your outdoor area, the Mainstays Forest Hills metal patio furniture sets with cushions should be on your short list.  From dining to conversation sets, you can add a lounge, umbrella and swing with canopy in the same style and cushion color combinations.

Mainstays Forest Hills conversation setIn this article we will look at the sets first, then look at what other pieces are available from this collection.

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If you are looking for more details on this collection, please keep on reading and I will explain each selection.


What do you get in this design


The Mainstays Forest Hills collection has a steel frame that is has a dark brown powder coated finish.  The finish if cared for properly will last many years. The table tops are made from shatterproof tempered glass and have a clear pebbled finish.  If you need more information on the area rugs for outdoor areas that are shown in the photos, look at my information here.

Seating cushions are about 4 inches thick, the back cushions are about 3.5 inches thick and have buttons in the middle.  The fabric is a polyester material that will last very well in the outdoor environment with the proper care.  The cushions are reversible and the bottom cushions are attached with straps, all red cushions have a stripe design on reverse side.  None of the throw pillows in the pictures are included in these sets.

Chairs in this set will come assembled.  Chairs with straight legs will stack for storage.  Tables will require a little assembly.  Chaise lounge and swing will require a little time and skills to assemble.  A Phillips screwdriver will be the only tool that will be required that is not included in each piece.

Care of your Forest Hills Collection


Care of your outdoor patio furniture should be just a simple wash with a mild soap and water.  Do not use a glass cleaner on the table top, as some of these cleaners have harsh enough chemicals to damage the powder coated surfaces.

Cushions should be stored out of the weather if not used for any length of time.  This will help keep the color and you can use directly after a rain.  Look at some of my storage examples here for patio areas.

Mainstays Forest Hills conversation setMainstays Forest Hills 5-Piece Spring Conversation Set


Priced at the time of this article from $330 to $349


This conversation set with the four motion chairs and cushions will be very comfortable for sitting around have talking about your day with a few drinks and snacks.  The large round table will be able to hold drinks and snacks for all.

The chairs will require a little assembly.  You will have to attach back with seat to the leg frame section for each chair.  After this you will just have to add cushions that are available in red, tan and teal colors.  The spring design will give a rocking motion.  I have similar chairs on my patio and they are very comfortable for long term sitting.

The chairs are 26 inches wide, 31.75 inches deep and 32.75 inches tall.  Each will hold 250 pounds.

Table is 40 inches across and 18 inches tall, it is like having a big round coffee table.  The glass top is built in and the table will require a small amount of assembly.

No hole is provided for an umbrella, this table is too short to support one.  If you would like to look at shade options like an offset umbrella, see some of my suggestions here.

This set will come in two large boxes that will require a large SUV or pickup to transport.  The chair box is 45 inches long, 27 inches wide, 30 inches tall and will weigh 63 pounds.  The table box will be 42 inches square, 3 inches tall and will weigh 38 pounds.


Mainstays Forest Hills bistro setMainstays Forest Hills 3-Piece Bistro Set


Priced at time of article was $129


This bistro set will come with two straight leg chairs that do not rock or swivel.  The thick cushions will make long term sitting very comfortable, they are available in red, tan and teal colors.  The simple design will be very affordable.

The table is tall enough to have a small meal or just have a few beverages while sitting outside.  It will not support an umbrella for shade, if you would like to have shade with this set, see some of my offset umbrella choices here.

The chairs are 23.25 inches wide, 27.5 inches deep and 35.75 inches tall.  The seat is 20 inches off the ground with cushions installed.  Each chair will support 250 pounds.

The table is 24 inches square and 28 inches tall.  The glass is built into the table top, replacing a broken top will not be easy.  Assembly will take about 15 minutes for most people.

This set will be great for small patios or just by the pool for a drink.

Mainstays Forest Hills dining setMainstays Forest Hills 5-Piece Dining Set, Tan


Price at the time this article was written: $197


For larger dining areas outside the 5 piece dining set will seat four and have a larger table for plates for a meal.  Not large enough for a buffet or to sit your entrees on, it is big enough to sit and eat.

The four chairs are of the same design and color combinations as the bistro set.  If you have a big patio area you could have both in the same area to have matching furniture.

The table is of the same design, it does have the hole in the table top and a center support for an umbrella.  The table is 38 inches square and the same 28 inches tall.  The glass top is built into this table also, it does have a built in plastic ring for umbrella support.  Don’t forget to take the umbrella out during windy conditions to keep your table top from damage.  Matching umbrella is available below.

This set will come in two large boxes that will require a large SUV or pickup. They will be 32 inches long, 24 inches wide, 41 inches tall and weigh 31 pounds for the chairs and cushions.  The table box will be 41 inches square. 2.5 inches thick and weigh about 44 pounds.


Mainstays Forest Hills 8 foot patio umbrella tanMainstays Forest Hills 8′ Umbrella


Price at time of this article was $46


This umbrella can be color matched to the cushions on the dining set.  It is available in the same red, tan and teal colors.

The umbrella has a crank to raise and lower the canopy.  A tilt feature will let you move from side to side to chaise the shade.

No umbrella stand is included. I have many choices on stands for this size of umbrella here.

This umbrella is 96 inches across and will be about 96 inches tall, depending on the size and style of the stand.  The post will fit most standard holes in patio tables.

Only assembly will be to put post in table, install the top portion of the umbrella and crank up for shade.


Mainstays Forest Hills red 3 person outdoor swing with canopyMainstays Forest Hills 3-Seat Cushion Swing


Price at the time of this article was $150 to $165


This swing would be a perfect seating addition to any of the sets above.  Cushions and canopy are available in red or tan colors.  The three individual sets of cushions will give many hours of swinging comfort.

I have a post on this swing here, use the link to get the details of this swing.

This swing with canopy will give you the ability to chase the shade during the day and can be used in any outdoor space for extra seating.  It will hold up to 750 pounds.


Mainstays Forest Hills chaise loungeMainstays Forest Hills Chaise Lounge


Priced at the time this article was written at $105


If you are ready to sit by the pool to get some sun or just sit in the shade to read a book, this lounger will work for both.  It will be easy to move to other locations and can be reclined in 5 positions or lay flat for a nap.

The lounger is 31.75 inches long on the lower portion.  With the back reclined all the way it will be 73.5 inches long.  It will be 26 inches wide outside the arms.  This lounger will hold up to 250 pounds.

Assembly will take a little time.  Arms will have to be attached to the main frame.  Lower frame is then attached.  Back will attach to this assembly and then you will just have to add cushions.


Mainstays Forest Hills dining set

To get your own furniture from this collection, click on the following link

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Finding an affordable collection of metal patio furniture sets with cushions will be a great find for most first time home owners.  You search can stop here as this collection will be both affordable and last a long time with proper care.  Having several extra seating pieces to add to a dining or conversation set will set your outdoor area apart from your neighbors.

If you need further information on this collection or have an question or comment, use the forms below.

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