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Replacement Cushions For Patio Furniture


If you did not store your cushions inside last winter, you are going to need replacement cushions for your patio furniture.  Most of the time they will last for several years before the sun and rain will cause them to loose there color or fluff.  The other problem is that they will start to unravel at the seams.  Getting new cushions is not that hard, just need to know the size and thickness of your present cushions if they are comfortable on your bottom

After the purchase of your new cushions, getting a place to store them when not in use is a good idea.  Look at some of my storage solutions for help in this area here.

Now let us look at some of the styles and sizes of the patio cushions that are available today and see if any of this will fit your requirements.

Walmart replacement cushion stylesStyles of cushions available


Your type of seating will determine the type of cushion you will need.  Measure your cushions for the correct size, you will need the width, length and thickness.  Make a note of where folds and seams are.

Ask yourself what kind of seating does the cushions fit, chair, bench or lounger.

Use the picture here to determine the type of replacement cushion will work for your outdoor furniture.

Walmart color and styles for replacement cushions 1walmart color and styles for replacement cushions 2Colors of cushions available


Many colors and designs are available.  You will be the one to determine the one that matches the decor in your outdoor space. If just want to change your decor with cushion colors, replacement cushions can give you several looks for your outdoor space.

If you are looking for solid colors, flowers, stripes or designs in your replacement cushions will have a design for you.  Use the pictures here to determine what will work best for you.

Walmart replacement cushions for swingsHow to get the cushions that you need


My method for finding the correct replacement cushions is to go to, type in replacement cushions with the style of cushions. This will bring up the different colors and styles for the cushions you are looking for.

See the screen shot for an example of one of my searches for an example.

How to take care of your replacement cushions


The biggest problem with outdoor furniture cushions is the sun and rain.  While cushions are made to sit in the outdoor weather, sustained sunshine and staying wet will shorten the life of your cushions.

Having a storage options is the first thing to look at when purchasing your cushions.  I have several outdoor storage solutions here.  Making sure that they are out of the weather during long periods of inactivity will ensure the next time you are ready to entertain outside your cushions will be ready.

Cleaning cushions should only be done with a mild soap and water.  Any bleach product or aggressive soap will damage the surface of the material or the stuffing.  Making sure that the cushions get fully dried after a rain or cleaning will also extend the life of your cushions.


Start your search for your new replacement cushions here


What I think about These cushions

replacement cushions from Walmart


When your current cushions are starting to look ragged, you will need to look for replacement cushions for your patio furniture.  Most furniture frames will out last several sets of cushions with proper care.  Replacing your cushions for a new look will give you that brand new look without the price of a whole new set of outdoor furniture.  I have more replacement cushion solutions here.

I hope that you have found this information helpful, if you still have questions or comments for me use the forms below.  Know someone that has cushions that look like they are on the way to the trash, share this article on your social networks.

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