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Are outdoor weatherproof wireless speakers the same as the speakers you use in your house?  In this article we will look at the differences in the two speakers and why you would need to invest in the proper speaker for your outdoor room.

What makes an outdoor speaker different

outdoor weatherproof wireless speakers


Outdoor speakers do not have walls to bounce the sound off of. The sound will only go directly in front of the speaker.  You will have to aim or have the speaker close to where you are gathering to get the most out of them.

Mounting outdoor speakers will require brackets to mount to a solid surface.  Some speakers like the rock speaker in this article will just sit on the ground and require no mounting at all.  The only thing it will require is that it does not sit in standing water. No mater how weather proof something is, it cannot stand in water.

Not all outdoor speakers are weather proof.  Some cannot take direct contact with snow, rainfall, high humidity, dust, insects, extreme heat and cold or the occasional hit with a spray from the garden hose.

What do you get in the wireless speaker

A wireless speaker system will have an antenna that connects to your sound source, MP3 player, CD player or stereo.  The transmitter can be connected to the sound source with the included 3.5mm patch cable or a 3.5mm to RCA jack cable.  This transmits the signal to the speakers. Check the distance for each, as terrain and other objects can change the distance that it can receive a signal.  This speaker system runs on a 2.4 mhz system, similar to some cordless phones.  It has a range of 300 ft in the best conditions.

The power for the speakers comes from “AA” batteries for the most remote positions.  It also has the option to connect to a converter (included) for 110 volt power supply with the 25′ power cord.

The system comes with a remote that will control volume and speaker balance for the two 5″ speakers and two 1″ tweeters.  These speakers put out 50 watts of power.

The case is made of aircraft grade multi-layer composite material for the cabinet.

What are the things to look for in outdoor weatherproof wireless speakers

Make sure the speakers are designed to work outside.  Some are marked as indoor/outdoor speakers and do not have any weather proofing.  These speakers will have to be mounted in an area that does not get wet or have direct sunlight.

Check to see if the speaker is wireless or has to be  wired to the sound source.  Having a wireless speaker means that you can move it and place in different area of your outdoor space as seasons change.

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