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Fire Pit With Seating Ideas


Having a outdoor space for entertainment is not for everyone for those with space you will need some Fire Pit with Seating Ideas.  This will give you an area that can be used for most of the year, even when it is cool outside.  Just light a fire and sit around the fire and enjoy.

In this article I will answer several questions that I get and give you ideas on what will work best for you and your outdoor space.

I have reviewed several sets on this website before, for more information on these sets look at my post here.


romantic-getaway-by-the-fire-pit1.What is your purpose for your outdoor space


What are you looking to do with your fire pit with seating.  Are you looking to use it year round or just in the fall when the weather turns cooler.  Many options are available today.

For those who want to use their fire pit year round, get one with a cover for the burn area.  This will allow you to use as a side table during the time you do not burn.  This can be available on both gas and wood burning fire pits.


Outdoor portable fire pits

Sunnydaze Large Cosmic Fire Pit

2. Finding the right location


Location, location, location.  Where have I heard this before.  Finding the best location for your fire pit is very important.  Some of the bigger fire pits are hard to move after they are installed.  I do have a small metal wood burning fire pit that is easy to move, I also have a rock fire pit at the lake that cannot be moved.  Finding the right location if you are purchasing a bigger fire pit is a must.

Gas fire pits can be used in more locations than a wood burner.  The wood burner puts out more heat towards the bottom, they cannot be used on wooden or composite decks. If your location is on any wood or composite deck a gas fire pit is the best choice.  There is a Deckprotec system available if you want to use a wood burner on one of these surfaces, see my information here.

Keep walls and overhead items in mind when looking for that perfect location.  Heat tends to go up, make sure that you have plenty of head room for your fire.


Endless Summer Uniflame fire pit with seating ideas3.The right fire pit-gas or wood


There are some advantages to both types of fire pits.

The gas is easier to start and clean up after the burn.  The biggest draw back is the tank running out before you are done with your fire.  Changing a tank or not having a replacement can be a little bit of a bother when having guest over.  Changing the look of your fire can be done with colored glass rocks.  Some pits with lava rocks do not recommend the use of the glass rocks, check your fire pit for more details before you purchase.

The biggest advantage to the wood burner is the aroma.  Having the smell of the wood burning is what a lot of people want when having a fire.  The biggest drawback is storing, moving and cleaning up the wood for this type of fire pit.  I have several storage options available here in this post.  I do have a log cart for moving my fire wood that works very well. See my information on log carts here.

Your final decision will be based on the type of fire that you are looking for, a passive fire that takes little or no work or that romantic wood fire that will take some of your time to set up, keep going and that cleanup when the fire is over.


Better Homes and Gardens Sandridge Fire Pit4.Type of material for fire pit


After you find the perfect location and find out what kind of fire pit that you want, you will need to determine the look that you are after.  You can go from just an open pit to a structure that is like a castle made from stone.

Finding what works for you will be an important step, do your want a portable wood burning fire pit or do you want something that will never be moved.  This will tell you if you want a metal or stone fire pit. Wood burning fire pits are less portable, except for the lighter weight metal ones.

Gas fire pits are more portable and mostly are made of metal.  Some have a stone look and are made from a composite material and are much lighter than a wood burner.  You can choose the color of your glass rocks in a gas fire pit, this can be a mood thing for around your fire pit.

For more information on what types of materials that  are used in outdoor fire pits, you can look at my details here.


5.Type of seating


Do you need casual seating or just a lawn chair around your fire pit.  I use my lawn chairs at the lake where my fire pit is a stone pit in the ground.  When I put my portable metal fire pit in the driveway for neighborhood gatherings, I use my casual sling chairs from my front porch.

If you have a fire pit that makes into a table when not in use, you can get some chairs that are a lot more comfortable for year round use.

Some fire pits will come in sets with chairs that will match the decor of the fire pit.  These sets can save you money if you want to purchase your set together.  I have a post on several sets here if you need more information.


6.Number of seats


How many butts will be around your fire.  Many times if it is really cool, you will gather a lot more people to snuggle around your fire.  Having extra seating is very important when planning an outdoor event.  I always have my lawn chairs available for extra butts.

The bigger fire pits will allow you to sit up to about 8 people around your fire.  Most sets will not have this many chairs, I do use my regular outdoor chairs when this happens.


Hot dog sticks for a fire pit7.Accessories for your fire pit with seating


Depending on the type of fire pit you have, you may have different needs for accessories.  Some of the standard accessories are hot dog sticks and your favorite cold adult beverage.  I have a small portable side table that I use next to my burn area at the lake, this give me someplace to put hot dog buns and condiments for out snack.  I have a post on side tables here.

Wood burning fire pits will need to store your wood, move your fire wood from your storage location to your burn area, light your fire, maintain your fire and remove ashes.  I have outlined what I think are the best accessories here for wood burners.

A gas fire pit will use less accessories and be easier to maintain.  Most will have an igniter, no need to move or store wood.  A spare tank or upgrading your glass rocks will be two of the big accessories.  Look at some of my ideas in my post here to help.


My conclusion on seating with a fire pit


I have a fire pit both at my lake property and at home.  Seating and use are much different.  Portable seating, mostly lawn chairs are used at the lake.  At home I use chairs that go with other sets to sit around my fire pit.  Each person will have to determine their needs.  I hope that I have given you information to help in your decision.

Thanks for reading my post and any questions or comments use the forms below, I will get back to you shortly.