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LED Bollard Lighting


If you are looking for landscape lighting kits or just fixtures for your driveway or walkway, one of these LED bollard lighting ideas may be what you need.  I will look at LED bollard light fixtures and LED landscape light kits.  The big difference will be that you will have to add your own landscape lighting transformer and wire to the LED bollard fixtures, you will have to know a little of the low voltage wiring basics.

Lets just start with the LED bollard light fixtures.

Moonrays 95555 LED bollard lanscape fixtureProduct: Moonrays 95555 Bollard 1 watt fixture

Price when article was written: $15.26

Where to get for the best price online:


This is a single LED light fixture.  You will have to get your own landscape lighting transformer and wire. If you have an existing wire run and transformer this will work best for you.  The 1 watt fixture will have an 8 inch wire lead with a small connector for your wire run.

The all black diecast aluminum fixture with a clear glass lens will be 18 inches tall with a 4 inch stake for securing the fixture in the ground.  With the bollard style of fixture it will give light 360 degrees around.

You can mix and match with any other fixtures, just have to make sure that your transformer will handle the wattage for the fixtures that are attached to it.

Use this link to find more information on the bollard fixture


Moonrays 95549 Low voltage LED bollard lightsProduct: Moonrays LED Spotlight and Bollard Kit

Price when article was written: $79.99

Where to get for the best price online:


This kit will include all that you will need to cover a small area in your outdoor space.  The four LED bollard lighting fixtures will be complemented with the two LED spot lights.

Included will be a 10 watt transformer with a dusk to dawn controller.  You cannot add any fixtures to this transformer as it it close to its maximum capacity.  The transformer will plug into an outlet. A 50 foot 18 gauge low voltage landscape wire is also included for your wire run.

The four LED bollard fixtures are the same as the single above.  The two spot lights will be about twice as bright as the bollard fixture. It will be only four inches long without the stake.

Use this link for more information on the bollard kits


My take on these items


If my driveway or walkway was not very long, 25 feet or less or did not need a lot of light, the kit would be the way to go.  If you have an existing low voltage landscape lighting and want to add a couple of lights to it, the single bollard fixtures would be the way to go.

The bollard fixtures will light about a four to six foot circle so that you can see obstacles in your path.  If your path is longer or you want more protection, get the individual fixtures and purchase the proper sized transformer and wire.

I have written an article on how to plan out your wire run for your low voltage lights here.



I hope that you have found the information on LED bollard lights informative.  I think these fixtures are good for small runs.  If you want more information on higher quality of low voltage LED bollard fixtures, use this link for one of my other post.

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