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Install Hinkley 54000 Spot Light


I have an USA Flag flying on a pole in my front yard with a spotlight.  The halogen light has not been lasting very long (maybe a month).  It is time to upgrade to a better light.  I choose the Hinkley 54000 all weather spotlight to see if I could get better results.  This installation will be for replacement of an existing fixture.  If this is an new installation you will have to follow the local guidelines and permits for running a 110 volt power line to your location.  As with any outside electrical installation, make sure you have it on a ground fault circuit.

If you think that you would have any trouble with installing the electrical part of this project, please consult with a qualified electrician.  Do not want any shocked customers.

Getting started


Tools needed for installation

Tools that I used for this installation

After replacing the bulb in my old fixture for the 5th time this summer, I decided it was time to get something that would last longer.  This was the third fixture of this kind that I had purchased.  I looked at several different fixtures and decided on the Hinkley 54000 from Shop

Look at the tools needed for this installation.  If your installation is different you made need additional tools.

When the package arrived a few days latter I looked at what I had received and made my plans to replace the old fixture.  Follow along as I take a step by step look at the things that you will need to do to make sure that your fixture will give you many years of service.


Remove old fixture


Old Halogen fixture

This is the old fixture to be replaced

If you are not comfortable with working with electric, get a qualified electrician to install your fixture.

The first step in any electrical work is to make sure that you do not have any live power to your fixture.  If the fixture does not work you will need to check with some kind of current tester as seen in the picture.

When electric is off remove cover from old fixture and take a picture of the wires and how they are connected.  If done properly the white will connect with white and black will connect with black or red.  All of the bare wires will connect with the green wires, as these are ground wires.  Take off all of the wire nuts and undo the wires from the fixture.  There may be more than two of each color if you have a circuit interrupter at the electric box, make notes on the wiring if you do not have detailed pictures.

Undo the nut where the fixture connects with the electric box, then unscrew the old fixture.

Installation and Wiring of new fixture


Hinkley 54000 spot light

Head attaching screw

Push wires through the mounting hole and screw the fixture in until is lines up with the item that you are going to highlight.  Tighten the nut, final adjusting will be done when the light is on after it gets dark to get the proper illumination of your object.

Now is the touchy part, you have to start connecting the wires back to match the picture or drawing that you have made.  It should be simple just match the colors and all should go well.  After making sure all of your connections are tight, close the cover on the box.

Inserting the light bulb will require to remove the front of the fixture.  One set screw will have to be taken out and the front wiggled off.  After the bulb is inserted the front is reinstalled and the set screw replaced.


Testing new fixture


Illumination of my American Flag

With proper installation, this is the result

Time to turn the power back on to your new fixture.

Depending on what type of interrupter that you are using to time your light, you will have to make sure that it is in the on position to make sure that you have proper current running to your new fixture.  Mine is a dusk to dawn, so I put some electrical tape over the sensor and made like is was dark.

If your light does not work check your electrical connections and your interrupter for problems.

After dark you will want to make any minor adjustments with the alignment of your fixture, you will only be able to get the full effect of what is illuminated after dark.

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This fixture has been working for two months without any trouble.  I would recommend the Hinkley 54000 from Shop for your outdoor space highlighting needs.  It was easy to install in my existing box to replace the old halogen fixture.

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