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Outdoor Deck Storage with Bench


When you have purchased your outdoor furniture or have a pool, you will need a place for storing your cushions or toys.  An Outdoor Deck Storage with Bench will give you options of seating plus storage.  Add a seating cushion that can be stored inside when not needed and you will have a comfortable spot to sit on your deck.

The Suncast 50 gallon storage box is not the biggest or smallest.  It will fit in the middle and store several cushions or a lot of pool toys.  Sit it by the BBQ pit and you can store you cooking tools when not needed.  It will give you a place to sit while you are waiting for your food to get done.

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Product:  Suncast 50 Gallon outdoor storage container

Price when article was written: $69 in light taupe color

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Suncast 50 gallon Outdoor Deck Storage with Bench

What do you get in the box


In the one box you will get several parts that will snap together with little effort, no tools needed.  The seating area is 36 inches wide and 18 inches deep, can support 300 pounds of butt, two small adults.  The resin material is a taupe color, it is also available in a java or dark brown color for a darker decor.

With 50 gallons or 4.58 cubic feet of storage, you will be able to hide a lot of your outdoor things.  Internal dimensions are 40 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 19 inches tall with the lid closed.  No internal shelves are included for this storage box.

The box is 41 inches wide, 21 inches deep and 23.75 inches tall on the outside.  The lid does fit tightly, it will hold out most rains, it is not waterproof.

If you wish to get a cushion for this bench, a 36 inch wide by 18 inch deep cushion that is at least 2 inches thick will work well.

I have looked a several storage solutions in the past. If you have larger storage needs see some of my over 99 gallon solutions here.  If you are looking for smaller storage solutions look at some of my under 99 gallon thoughts here.  I do have some other storage solutions with seating here.


Care of your storage bench


The polypropylene plastic resin material will last very well in most outdoor conditions.  Just a simple mild soap and water is all that is needed to keep looking like new.

If you container sits in a very hot sun environment, your flat parts may start to warp over time, this will take several years and is only in the most extreme conditions.

If you live in a very humid environment you will need to air this storage container out from time to time to keep things from molding.

Manufacture does not recommend painting this storage box.

Suncast 50 gallon box partsPros


Easy assembly no tools needed

Tough resin material

Can support 300 pounds for sitting



Not completely waterproof

Hot sunshine can warp the materials over time

Not lockable


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Suncast 50 gallon internal storageWhat I think of this storage bench


When looking for Outdoor Deck Storage with Bench seating, the Suncast 50 gallon option should be on your list.  It is very practical with seating for two and medium sized storage out of the weather.  Weather you are looking to store pool stuff, BBQ tools or just your cushion when not sitting on your bench, you will find this storage bench very helpful.

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