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Electric Patio Heater for a Table top


On a cool night you may need to heat up with a electric patio heater for the table top. In this review of the Endless Summer Vacation Day 1200 watt heater we will look at the product you get and how it will help you make your outdoor space comfortable on those cool days.

Product:Endless Summer Vacation Day 1200 watt heater

Price when article was written:$132.56

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outdoor electric table top heaterWhat do you get in the box and Assembly


You will find two big parts in the box when opened, the top part with the heating element and the lower part made of resin.  There will be a number of smaller parts in the box.  The smaller parts will include the owners manual, two nuts, a washer, inner support post and wrench. No other tools will be need during assembly.

Assembly will only take a few minutes. It will require the use of more than just two hands.  Try to find a person to hold things in place while the parts are put together. The inner support post will pass through the body assembly to secure the top and bottom portion of the light.

First you must put the inner support post through the body assembly. Then you must attach the top of the heater to the inner support post. This is done with a nut on the post before screwing it into the top unit. This is one step that will require at least three hands, unless you are an alien you may need one of your friends to help at this time.  You then tighten the nut to secure the post to the top unit.  The bottom of the inner support post will be secured with a washer and nut.  Your new heater is ready for use.


How does it work


First inspect your heater for any packing materials or film before plugging in for the first time.  Just plug into a ground fault outlet and push the power button. Your 1200 watt heating element will start to heat the area your area right away.  This element gets very hot and will warm an area approximately 12 feet in diameter depending on wind.

If your heater fails to turn on look at the safety devices below for help.

outdoor electric table top heaterSafety Devices on this product


This heater has several safety features to protect you and your family from harm.

The tip device will turn the power off to the heating unit if the lamp is turned over.  There is a reset button that will have to be pushed to let the element work after a spill.  First you must set your heater in the upright position.

The device has a fuse that will protect from a surge or short. Check to make sure that the problem has been fixed and then you can replace the fuse in the top of the heater.

If you need to use an extension cord, it is recommended that a 16 gauge cord or higher is used.  The heater will only have a seven foot cord.



Stand alone heater.  Does not require fuel to run.

Easy to assemble

Lots of built in safety features.

Looks like a table lamp, puts out a soft light.



Must use a big cord if not close to outlet

Must be close to electric outlet.

Only heats a small area





The resin lower body of your Endless Summer Vacation Day 1200 watt heater outdoor table top electric heater will fit a lot of outdoor decors.  It will provide enough heat, soft lighting for you and your guest to sit around a table on those cool nights.  All that will be required after a few minutes of assembly and a ground fault plug.

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