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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Kits


There are many reasons to install low voltage landscape lighting kits. In this post I will review some of the uses I have seen in my life time, and give you some examples of where I use them today.

I will separate into a few areas that are used for detailing your outdoor space.   Sometimes when these fixtures are used, you solve more than one problem.

Now lets look at some details.

Paradise Garden Spot and 3 Tier Light setSecurity


When you want to light up an area to see if you have any unwanted guest, using a motion sensor with your lighting system will be the answer.  I have a sensor over the garage door that will dim my lights until it detects movement.   When someone walks up my driveway the lights go to full power.  This lets me know when someone or something is in the front of my home.  Small animals will make the lights come on from time to time, rabbits, possums or cats, they will go back to dim when the critters move on.

Having spot lights will help with security also.  You can point a spotlight to an area that you want extra lighting during the dark hours so unwanted visitors cannot hide in the dark.



I covered the motion sensor above, the second reason to use it is for safety. When someone walks up my driveway towards the front door the lights go to full power and light up their path.  This is great for times when guest come over without calling first, does this happen to you much.

Having step lights will allow you to give extra lighting to an area that a lot of people have trouble with in the dark.  Putting one fixture on each or every other step will give you enough coverage to get people in and out of your home without a fall.

Paradise Garden 4 Spotlight setHighlighting focal features


I have a spotlight in my run of lights in the front area of my yard. This allows me to highlight the small red maple tree at the corner of my house.

One of the great advantages of low voltage landscape lighting sets is the ability to place different styles of fixtures anywhere along the wire run.


Paradise Garden Orbe Set of 6Good Looks


With today’s many styles and types of low voltage fixtures, you can match your own outdoor decor with color and lighting needs.  I have black fixtures in the front yard by the driveway and stainless fixtures in the back yard around a patio.  You can change the look of a decor with your low voltage lighting setups.

Many of the newer fixtures in designer series will give you freat looks during the day when they are not needed.  Having something look good when it is not in use is never a bad thing.

My uses for my outdoor space


When I purchased my lake lot last year, the previous owner left a set of low voltage lights and the transformer.  When I tried them out they did not work.  I had a small extra transformer in the garage, I just hooked it to the wire run and plugged it in.  Worked fine, just had to replace a couple of the bulbs.  Now when I go to the lake for more than a few days, I plug them in and they work with the solar lights that were left also.

I have one wire run in the front of my house that lights up the driveway and red maple tree at the corner of the front of my house. This run has several tier lights and one spotlight.

I also have a small run around the back patio.  This run has only four tier lights in it.




If you have an area that is close to the house that you would like to illuminate during the dark hours for security and safety that will look good, look at the low voltage landscape lighting kits.  The kits will give you everything you need and if you want to add a couple on more fixtures in the wire runs, just look at my post on how many lights each transformer can handle here.

Thanks for reading my post, if you have any questions, comments or would like more information on an outdoor item, use the forms below.

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