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Hanging Wood Porch Swings


We take a look at styles and advantages of Hanging Wood Porch Swings in this article.  Having a getaway place that does not require that you get in the car and go someplace is a great addition to your outdoor space.  I have a treated outdoor wooden swing on a stand in my back yard. If you have a stand you can move your swing to a location that does not have a tree or porch to attach too.

Looking for something for your getaway area in your outdoor space?  Have an area that is in need of something you can sit on and get away for a while.   Look at an outdoor wooden swing.  You can sit and swing, forget about other things for a while.

White Oak hanging porch swing

What to look for in your wooden swing


When looking at a wooden swing for your outdoor space you will have to determine how many people will sit at a time and how you will support the swing.  I will cover some of the options below.  Please make notes to be sure that you are getting the proper swing for your own personal area.

Wooden Swing with standMaterials


Many types of wood are available for outdoor swings.  If your swing is made from pine or other soft non treated wood, it will have to have a protective coat of paint or varnish.  With out this protection the surface will not last in the harsh outdoor environment.

Treated wood is one alternative.  This wood will have to be sealed yearly to keep the moisture out and keep from having splinters.  Splinters are not good for the bottom side when trying to relax.

White Oak has a good look to it.  If you finish it with a good oil rub and treat it yearly it will last a long time and will have a great old time look.  It will resist decay and weather if treated properly

Cedar or eucalyptus are great wood materials that will last very well with little maintenance in outdoor environments.  This type of wood will need treating with oil based materials to seal from the weather.  Bugs will not bother this type of wood.  I do have some birds that have damaged the wood while eating.  My feeder is close by and they break open the sunflower seeds.  I have an article on cedar furniture.

Cedar Pergola SwingSize and weight capacity


Do you want seating for one or do you need to have a wide seat for multiple people?  A single seat swing can be added to a porch or be hung from a tree.

Multiple seating swings will come in various widths.  A swing that is 72 inches wide will hold 3 regular size people.

Check out the Weight capacity of each swing as the rope or chain that the swing hangs from is not the only factor.  Some swings do not have extra support in the middle for extra weight, and will sag or fail over time.  The thicker the seating boards the more weight capacity the swing will have.

Cover or cushions available


Check out the availability of a cover for your swing if it is in the sun during the time that you will use it the most.  A cover will give you shade from the sun and some protection from a light rain shower if you happen to be out enjoying your outdoor space when it rains.

Cushions can be added to any outdoor swing.  the will make sitting for a prolonged period of time more comfortable.  If you are going to read a book or listen to you favorite sporting event this would be a great add on to your outdoor swing.  I have an article on bench cushions that will fit a lot of swings.

Under your feet


Any swing that is hung from a tree or stand in the yard will not have grass under it for very long if you use it often. There are a lot of options in this area paver stones, rubber squares, rubber or regular mulch and rock.  I used the interlocking rubber mats that keep the grass away and I am not in mud after a rain.

Each one will require you to dig a foundation and have a border.  These options will let you use your swing when the ground is wet and muddy.  Without grass you would make a mess getting back in the house, Moma will not be happy.


Cedar wood porch swingPrep and assembly of your swing


Most Outdoor wooden swings will come in a box and need assembly.  The first step is to determine how it will be supported.  If your swing does not come with a stand you will have to support it from a tree, ceiling of a porch or some other solid object (trellis or arbor). Get the proper hooks that will support the total weight of the swing and people.  Do not give into a weak link after choosing your swing.

Most will take a small amount of knowledge of assembly and some tools.  All of the hardware should come with each swing, except the mounting hardware for a porch or tree swing.

After the assembly and putting your swing on the mounting hardware it is time for your favorite cold beverage and relaxing.  I can hear the birds singing and refreshing outdoor space letting me relax after a long day at work.

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My final comments on wooden swings


I have a wooden swing on a stand in my back yard, you can mount any of these Hanging Wood Porch Swings from a frame or the ceiling on a front porch.  They will give you a place to sit and relax after a long day at work to forget about all of you problems.  I have an interlocking mat under mine to keep the mud and grass from being tracked into the house when done.

Putting cushions on your outdoor swing will give you more comfort and let you sit for a longer period of time.  You will just have to have a storage solution for your cushion when it is not in use.

Any questions or comments on this or any other article on this site, use the form below and I will get back to you soon.