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Resin Wicker Porch Swings


In this article we will look at resin wicker porch swings for your outdoor seating solution.  Resin Wicker furniture will last a lifetime, it is made from an powder coated metal frame covered in a woven resin wicker material that is much stronger than the traditional rattan wicker.  It will withstand any outside weather conditions.

Having a solid roof structure to hang your porch swing from is the start of the foundation.  Weight limit for each swing will depend on the mounting more than the structure of the swing.  All of the items in this article are available from Plow &

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Softening the seating will also be covered in this article.  I will cover some of the cushions available and a set of springs to give your swing a softer feel.

Now lets looks at the details of each item.


Prospect Hill outdoor wicker porch swingProspect Hill Wicker Swing


Cost at time of artilce: $299.95 plus $50 extra shipping charge

Available in three colors cloud white, beach house walnut (shown) and driftwood. The frame is made of aluminum with a powder coated finish for durability. This stylish resin wicker swing will give your porch a relaxing place to spend your spare time.

Hanging from 60 inches of chain on each side, the swing is 50½ inches wide, 26½ inches deep and 25½ inches high.  Four hooks will attach chains for support from the frame of the swing.

Give your swing a cushion and you can add some color combinations to your outdoor decor.

Other resin wicker Prospect Hill furniture is available in my article here.



Lime green Easy Care resin wicker porch swingEasy Care Resin Wicker Swing


Cost when article was written: $199.95 plus $60 extra shipping charge

The steel powder coated frame is covered with a resin wicker material.  The semi open design on the lower portion will give a cooling effect while swinging.  Available in five colors black, bright white, lime green (shown, cushion not included), tan and natural.

Four hooks on the arms and back will support the swing with the 60 inch chain. The swing is 54 inches wide, 26.5 inches deep and 21.75 inches high on the outside. Inside dimensions are 42.5 inches wide by 17.5 inches deep for cushion size.

Adding a colorful cushion will add to your outdoor decor.




Sturdy porch swing mounting springSturdy Porch Swing Springs, set of 2


Cost of spring when article was written: $19.95


This is a set of two springs that will soften the feel of your porch swing.  It will mount between the mounting hook and the swing chain. If will give a soft spring feel to your swing.

Made of heavy duty steel, they will support 350 pounds on each side for a total of 700 pounds.  Your mounting hooks will determine the total weight your swing will hold.

The spring will add 8.5 inches to the hanging length of your swing.  At 1.5 inches in diameter it will seam very stiff until you sit on your swing.  They will really add some comfort as you sit in your swing.



Front porch swing cushions

Deluxe Polyester Hydrangea Swing cushionDeluxe Polyester Swing Cushion, Prospect Hill


Price when article was written: $69.95

Available in a hydrangea design (shown) and solid navy blue color.  With a box edge, more of a flat edge, the polyester fabric will give you long term color as long as cared for properly.

The cushions are weather resistant and UV protected, I still store mine when not in use to extend there usable life.

Only available in one size 40 inches wide, 19.5 inches deep and 3.5 inches thick, it is the perfect size for any of these porch swings.

Polyester porch swing cushionsPolyester Classic Swing/Bench Cushions With Ties


Prices when article was written: $34.95 to $49.95

Eight different sizes and between 12 and 16 different colors and styles in each size.

The knife edge cushion with polyester fabric will give a different style than the box edge.  The top and bottom fabric will come to a single seam giving a simple finish.

Has ties to secure to your swing.  Has a shorter 3 inch cushion thickness and is the smallest of each of the other examples here.



Sunbrella bench cushionsDeluxe Sunbrella® Swing/Bench Cushions


The most versatile cushions, they are available in five different sizes in 15 different color patterns.  You can match cushions for all of your outdoor furniture for a matching decor.  Ties will keep your cushions in place.

The solution dyed acrylic color that is applied to the Sunbrella fabric is very long lasting.  The fabric will nor fade, mildew or rot and is treated to be soil and stain resistant.

With the 3 inch thick poly filling, they will provide plenty of long term sitting comfort. Double piping on the boxed edges will give your cushions a longer life and tailored look.

This item made in the USA.

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When looking for outdoor seating for the front of your home, don’t overlook the resin wicker porch swings.  Having seating that you can sit and relax, read a book is a great addition to your home. It will also add to your curb appeal if you can see it from the street.  I would pony up the extra money for the aluminum frame on the Prospect Hill swing, as it will last in the outdoor conditions a little better.

Having a spring or cushions to soften the seat will be another great addition.  Look to Plow&Hearth for all of your outdoor seating and comfort solutions.

If you have any questions or comments, please use the forms below.  If you would like to see more information on an item please send me an email and I will get back to you shortly.

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