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Heavy Metal Fire Pit


When looking for something to keep you warm when using your outdoor space during the cooler months, this heavy metal fire pit from will work well.  The addition of a cooking grate will allow you to cook some of your favorite foods while sitting around a fire while enjoying your favorite adult beverage.

The heavy duty fire pit will give you years of service due to its black powder coated finish and a poly cover to use when stored.  Now lets look at some of the details of this fire pit.


Product:28 inch Heavy Duty Fire Pit

Price when article was written:$87.32

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Grilling grate for heavy duty fire pit What do you get in the box


You get a heavy duty powder coated steel round fire bowl that is 24 inches across and 10 inches deep.  With the ring around the bowl it is 28 inches across, the ring will allow you to move your fire pit with proper protection while it is still hot.  The bowl will be supported with four tube type legs that are welded on.  Four welded on supports will let you install the grilling grate to cook your favorite meal.

The fire pit will be 14 inches high without spark lid or 19 inches tall with spark lid.  You will get a tool to lift the spark lid off and stir the fire, a poly cover to protect your fire pit during storage.  The total weight of the fire pit is about 50 pounds.

The lattice design on the sides has a screen inside to keep the embers from coming out the sides.  The open lattice provides a better air flow for better wood burning.  You can also get a view of the wood burning with out getting real close to the fire.

Lattice for heavy duty fire pit

Assembly and how to use


The only assembly on this item is getting it out of the box.  The legs are welded on so you do not have to worry about them falling off.

After every thing is out of the box just put the wood inside and start your first fire.  Insert grilling grate for cooking Hamburgers or Brats.

If you are planning on using on a wooden or composite surface, look at the DeckProtect system for a solution here.  Make sure you keep at least 10 feet from vinyl siding or other items that can be damaged from the heat of the fire.



No Assembly required

Poly cover included for protection from the weather

Grilling grate for cooking meals



Heavy (50 pounds) not easy to move

Steel construction could rust if not protected

Cannot be used on wood or composite surfaces with out protection



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When looking for that heavy metal fire pit for your outdoor space, this heavy duty one from will do double duty with the cooking grate.  The open sides will let you have that open fire feeling.  If you think you need more choices see my other post on wood burning fire pits and gas fire pits.

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