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Outdoor Solar Lights Reviews


What lead to this Outdoor solar lights reviews is that I have a lot for my Camper that has two sets of yard lights.  Neither of them work that well.  I don’t need something that will light up the neighbor hood, just some thing that will give me some soft light to relax in the evening after four wheeling and fishing.  I choose these five sets so that I can compare them for my own installation.  I will be purchasing the set that I think will work best for me.  Now lets look at what each has to offer and what will work best for you and i, it might not be the same set of lights.


Moonrays 97517 set of four Solar LightsMoonrays 97517 Meredith 4-Pack Solar Powered LED Path Light, Black


This four pack of lights, the body is made of black plastic.  There is a single LED bulb inside the clear plastic lens with a hammered glass look.  The LED bulb will give out 1.2 lumens of light from a full charge.

The total height of the fixture is 16.8 inches with a 5 inch ground stake.  Each light is powered by an AA 300 mAh Rechargeable Battery, a full charge can give 8 hours of illumination.

There is not an off/on switch to this set of lights, if they fail to operate check out my post on why does one of my solar lights not work.  This set will have the least amount of light per fixture, may require more fixtures to light up your area.


Moonrays 91384 6 pack of Solar LightsMoonrays 91384 Woven Style Solar Powered LED Path Light, Set of 6, Brown Finish


This set of six fixtures is made of chocolate brown plastic. It has a clear ribbed plastic lens.  It has a single LED bulb that will put out 2.4 lumens of light, this is double the normal output of a regular solar light.

Total height of the fixture is 15.5 inches with a 4 inch ground stake.  Each fixture will have a AA 400 mAh Rechargeable battery.  With a full charge you can expect about 8 hours of light.

The double amount of light from the Moonrays 97517 set will allow you to light up a bigger area with this set of six lights.  For soft lighting this set will work fine.



Moonrays 91755 Solar Lights set of 4Moonrays 91755 Alena-Style 4-Pack Premium Output Solar Powered Metal LED Path Light, Stainless Steel


This set of four fixtures is made from stainless steel with a brushed finish.  It has a very contemporary look.   The dual LED light bulbs per fixture will give out about 14 lumens for each bulb, very bright next to all others in this article.  You will need less fixtures to light up the same area as the other fixtures.  Some customers complained about the fixture being fragile with the small support pieces from the stem to the top, I would not recommend these fixtures for a high traffic area.

Each fixture is 16 inches tall and almost 5 inches across.  With a 3.5 inch ground stake the fixture will be about 13 inches above ground.

Each fixture will come with 3-1000 mAh batteries, some reviews and descriptions state only one 600 mAh battery per fixture.  This will be additional cost when replacing batteries and some customers stated that they put in 2000 mAh rechargeable batteries to make the lights last all night.  You will get a better light coverage with this set of lights at a greater operating cost.


Pure Garden 50-20 Solar Lights set of 6Pure Garden LED Solar Honeycomb Glass Pathway Lights, Set of 6


This set of six lights has a brushed aluminum post and cap, plastic ground stake and glass honeycombed lens.  One product description states that the output of the LED bulb is 45 lumens, customers commented that it is more like 5 lumens.  It is a better output than the others, not just the 45 as stated in description.

Each fixture is 14 inches tall and 4 inches across.  The ground stake is 4 inches long.  Total height above ground will be about 10 inches.

Each fixture will have a 600 mAh rechargeable battery that will last about 6 hours on a full charge.  There is an off/on switch under the twist off removable top to adjust charging and turn off fixture when not needed.  Need to charge the battery for 48 hours before first use, this will allow longer life of the rechargeable battery.


Pure Garden 50-11 Solar Light set of 6Pure Garden 50-11 Outdoor Solar Yard Pathway Lights, 6pk


This set of six fixtures  is very similar to the one above.  It has a modern design for the person that wants a different look than the plain Solar fixtures.  The post and cap are brushed aluminum with a plastic lens and ground stake.

Each fixture is 15.5 inches tall and only 2.75 inches across.  Stake is 5 inches long, fixture will be about 10 inches above the ground.  At only 2.75 inches across this fixture will be less noticeable during the day.

One 600 mAh Rechargeable battery per fixture will give about 6 hours of illumination after dark.  The cap  twist off to reveal an off/on switch to control when you do not need a light after dark.  Need to charge batteries for 48 hours before first use to prolong the life of the batteries.  Do not forget to turn the fixture on the first time you use it.



Installation Tips on Installing you Solar Lights


Make sure that the ground is not hard when pushing the ground stakes in, they are made of thin plastic and can be broken with little effort when installing.  Wet the ground first with a garden hose or watering can, this will make the ground softer.

If your light fixtures have an off/on switch, turn to the off position for one day.  This extra day of charge will give you more life for your Rechargeable Batteries.

Test the spread of the light of each fixture after a full day of charging, you may find that you can spread your fixtures out and still get some great light coverage.  If you find that you do not have enough light, getting some more lights and installing them is a very quick process as there are no wires to run and connect too.

Where to get more information and pricing on your Solar Lighting needs




Although I like the contemporary look of a couple of these fixtures in my Outdoor solar lights reviews, I think I am going to purchase the Pure Garden LED Solar Honeycomb set and see how it works, look for a review of this set of lights in the future.  I like the style and I think with the off/on switch, I can turn them off and save for when I am at my getaway, I do not want to light the way for the Raccoons while I am away.  I hope that you have found some helpful information in this post.

Update the Honeycomb style was unavailable when I tried to order, so I ordered the more contemporary looking Pure Garden 50-11 Solar light set.

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