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Small Portable Propane Heater


A friend of mine was looking for a small portable propane heater for camping.  I thought that the Dyna glo propane heater would work well for any outdoor space as it spread the heat in a 360 degree area.  Most of the heaters that were available were mostly directional with a reflector hood, use mostly in construction.  I found this example that could work both for camping and any outdoor space.

Now lets both look at the information for this item and see if it will work for you.


Product: Dyna-Glo 40K Liquid Propane 360-Degree Tank Top Heater

Price when article was written: $73.99

Where to get for the best price online:


What do you get in the box


With this heater you will get a 40,000 BTU heater that will attach to the top of a 20 pound propane tank (not included).  Adjustable heating will get you between 30,000 to 40,000 BTU’s of 360 degree heat, enough to heat a two car garage very easily. It will easly attache to the tank with the bracket that attaches with a knob adjusted set screw.

The top and bottom reflectors are finished in steel, the flame guard is made with a chrome finish to prevent rust.  The cage around the burner will help prevent burns, just watch around small children as it will still hurt if you touch it.

The heater is rather tall, about 39 inches with propane tank installed, the weight of the tank is more than enough to keep it steady unless kicked.  The heater is 9 inches across, a little smaller than a propane tank at 12.3 inches.  The burner will weigh a little less than 5 pounds without the tank.

Safety features for this unit are a anti tip shutoff and a no flame shut off.  This will allow you to use in an area that gets some traffic without too many worries.  If it does tip over during use the top will still be very hot, need to be set back up promptly to prevent a fire.


dyna-glo-40-k-control knobAssembly and use


Very little assembly will be required, just attach the bracket to the burner, then attach the bracket to the tank. Hooking up the propane tank will take the same as a BBQ grill.

Lighting the burner will take turning on the propane tank, turn adjusting knob to high, then light with match or lighter. I would prefer a long lighter as it is easier not to get burned. Adjust the flame to your desired heat range.

Customers state that on high a full tank will last about 10.8 hours.  If you require less heat the low setting will get you 14.4 hours of heat out of each tank.


dynba-glo-40-k-burnerMy take on this tank top heater


This would be a great heater for a two car garage, storage shed, camping area that does not allow campfires, outside deck or patio that is made from any material including composite or wood decking and for emergency heat for your home when power is out.  Multi purpose makes this 360 degree heater well worth the cost.

Propane heat is very clean and youdo not have a mess to clean up like a wood burner.

Customer comments give great reviews for heating small spaces.

Some customer comments below:


“I bought this to heat the garage while working on my Jeep. It worked so well that we used it as our campfire when we went camping, everybody was stunned how well it worked.”

“Well packaged and easily mounts to tank. Would like to have seen connecting cables and wires bundled more compactly. But overall does put out the heat.”

“Does all that is advertised and more. Use this to heat a 2 1/2 car garage, with 10 ft. ceiling. Will raise temp. from 35 to 70 in 2to 3 hrs. Love it !”



Can use the same propane tank for your BBQ grill

Tip over protection

Safety shut off when no flame is present

360 degree heat spread

Easy assembly



Have to light with a match or lighter

Must use outside or in a semi open area indoors

Hose and wires hang outside of heater

Cannot be moved very easily when hot




When looking for a small portable propane heater to heat your outdoor or indoor space, I like the Dyna-Glo 40K propane tank top heater for its 360 degree heat output.  most other tank top heaters are directional with a big disk that will point the heat in one direction.  You can use this heater in most of your small heating needs, inside or outside.  If you need a bigger heater look at my tall propane heater post here.

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