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Ideas For Winter Storage


The seasons are changing, time to look for outdoor living spaces ideas for winter storage.  Some items will need to be stored and some can be covered and left outside.  I will look at different methods of getting your stuff protected during the cold months that you will not use them.

Now lets get you some ideas what to do with your stuff before the first snow.


removable-tray-for-patio-storage-boxResin Storage Boxes


If you have a small area on your deck or patio, you could use a resin storage box to store cushions, yard ornaments or pool toys.  The amount and size of the items will determine the size of the storage box you need.  The will come as small as 20 cubic feet up to 150 cubic feet.

Many styles are available, and there are options to make it fit your outdoor decor.

For more details on the what is available and the details on the options see my post here.


70-gallon-storage-box-with-benchFurniture with storage


Most people will want some storage space that can be used for more than just storage.  The bench with storage will give you extra seating with someplace to store things when not in use.

Many designs and colors are available.  If the color does not fit your decor, many home improvement stores carry paint for resin or plastic furniture.

I have a post with several examples of this type of storage, you can find it by following this link and make your own choice on what will work for your outdoor space.


Resin vertical storage

Upright storage boxes


An upright storage box will give a great deal of storage to your outdoor space without taking up much of a footprint.  They will work best on a wall so you do not have to look at the back.

Most upright storage box’s will also be able to be locked so you can secure you goods. Mine has four rollers, one that locks, that will let you move with ease without unloading.

My box also has two shelves for separating the stuff.  Having a son that is 11, I have a lot of items that are used in the yard, just need to be stored away when not being used.


Outdoor Wicker Furniture CoverFurniture Covers


Not wanting to move your furniture to storage for the winter months, a cover will protect your investment.  These items will protect your furniture from the snow and ice that will damage the frames.

Covers can be purchased to fit each piece of furniture that you have.  Once you have purchased covers for your outdoor furniture, you can use them year after year.  With proper storage your covers may outlast your furniture.

I have written a post on furniture covers here for you to look at the different styles and kinds available.


After thoughts


Once you have stored your furniture for winter, there are some things to think about.  If you live in an area that has mice or other pest, you will have to get some kind of protection from them.  Depending on what other animals are in your storage area, you may not want to use some kind of poison.  Traps or electronic sounding devices may be the way to go.  Just do not forget the chewing critters as you do not want to get your stuff out in the spring and note that it has holes in it.




I hope that after reading this article, you have some Ideas for Winter Storage for your outdoor items.  Depending on if you want to store your stuff or get covers for your furniture I have some ideas for you.  Just follow the links in each style of protection, and you will find the proper way to protect you investment you have made in your outdoor furniture or toys.

Thanks for reading my article, if you have any questions or comments use the form below.  If you have some suggestions about future articles use the form below.