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Clayton Court Patio Furniture


Having a small outdoor space, patio, deck or balcony, should not keep you from getting the look you want. If you want your stuff to match for a small space, look no further than the Clayton Court patio furniture collection.  Having items that match will make your outdoor space look bigger than it is.

We will look at the sets and individual pieces, you can choose what will fit or work for your outdoor space.  For pricing and more information see


What are the styles of Clayton Court outdoor furniture


There are some sets available for dining and sitting.  I will give you some of the basic details.  This collection will need little upkeep and is very durable for outdoor environments.  If you are going to add the glider, you may want the red cushions as the glider only comes with the red cushion option.

Clayton Court Bistro SetBistro sets


The bistro set will come with two colors for the cushions, green and red.  The black steel frames are powder coated for a durable finish.  The chairs have a forward and back motion, not a full rocker.

The small table will fit on even the smallest of outdoor space, except a Jack and Jill balcony. The table is 24 inches across and 24 inches tall.  No hole in the table for an umbrella, you will have to provide your own shade if the table sits in the sun when needed for eating.

For seating for two this set will work the best, if you have a little more space you could add a lounger or glider for extra seating.  For more information on this bistro set, see my post here.


Clayton Court patio Dining SetDining sets


The dining sets will mirror the bistro sets, just two more chairs and a bigger table.  If your space is a little bigger or you need dining for four butts, this set will work for you.  Cushions are available in both green and red.

Table is a little bigger, as it is 42 inches across and 27.25 inches tall.  Holes in the top and brace will hold a regular sized umbrella with a good stand for support.

You can add an umbrella to this set for shade.  You will need a 8 by 8 foot space to make this set work well, any smaller and you will be cramped getting in and out of the chairs.  For more information on this dining set, set my post here.


Clayton Court conversation setConversation sets


This sitting set will include a 2 seat love seat, two chairs and a table.  The chairs do not have the motion of the dining set, they will have some motion. The love seat has no motion, if you want motion in a love seat try the glider below.  Cushion come in the green or red color and are twice as thick as the cushions for the dining sets.

The table is more coffee table size, it is 40 inches long, 20 inches wide and 19 inches tall.  No provisions for an umbrella for this table.  This conversation set is still small enough for a 8 by 8 foot outside area.

Clayton Court loungeLounge


The lounger will give you a place to lay and read a book or take a nap after a busy day at work, you can lay this flat like a bed.  Having wheels for easy movement and 5 positions for adjusting the back angle, this piece will be easy to move and adjust for your comfort.

Ties will hold the red or green cushion in place.  The black powder coated frame will match the other pieces in this collection and is very durable in outdoor conditions.


Clayton Court gliderGlider


The glider will provide seating for two with motion.  The forward and back motion is based on the seat portion hanging from two arms on each side.

Cushion is only available in red and only covers the seat portion of the glider.

I have a similar glider on my side deck, it is very comfortable and has lasted for more than ten years in the outdoor environment.

When would you choose this size


Having a small outdoor space should not keep you from having proper dining or seating items.  This collection will let you choose what fits your outdoor space now and if you move to a home with a large outdoor space you could just add matching pieces.

The bistro set will work great on the small construction grade decks that most new house come with.  Having a larger space will let you get the dining or conversation sets.  If you have a large space you could get some of the add on pieces.

Where will you find this product for the best price online


The place to find the best price for the Clayton Court collection is  You can count on the best customer service and if you have your items sent to a store, you will not have to pay shipping.

My final thoughts on the Clayton Court Outdoor Furniture


Finding furniture to fit small outside spaces is made easier with the Clayton Court patio furniture collection.  Adding pieces later on, you will not have to have items that do not match your current decor.

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