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Resin Wicker Outdoor Patio Furniture


If you are looking to add to your resin wicker outdoor patio furniture or want some pieces that will stand alone, look at some of the offerings from the Azalea Ridge collection.  From simple seating, storage, swings, to a relaxing day by the pool, this collection has something for your outdoor space.

The collection has steel powder coated frames covered with a dark brown resin wicker weave.  Fabric will come in red (some call it burnt orange).  Some pieces will also come with green fabric, I will note this on each piece.

Now lets look at each item and see what it brings for you.

Azalea Ridge Swing with standSwing with stand


A stand alone swing with stand can be put in any outdoor area.  You can move it without a lot of trouble and it will give many hours of use.  A canopy will keep you in the shade if you are not working on your tan.

With three cushions you will be able to sit three butts inside the arms if they are a combined 58.7 inches or less in width.  The gross weight limit is a generous 650 pounds for the three butts.  Now do not get out the measuring tape for your wife’s butt, she will not like it.

Cushions are 4 inches thick for both the back and seat.  The fabric will only come in red for this piece.

I have a dedicated swing space in my back yard between two trees, if you look at the back ground picture you can see the outline.  This is a great place to read a book or just relax with your favorite adult beverage after work.  I would suggest a side table or two to set you book or drink on when not in use.

Need more options for a three seat swing with stand, see my post here.

Azalea Ridge set of 2 ottomansSet of two ottomans


If you have the conversation set or any chairs in you outdoor space, this set of two ottomans will give your feet a rest.  You can also use them for additional seating if you wish.

The cushions are about 20 inches square and the seat is about 19 inches high.  They only come in the red color.  The cushions can be removed for storage to protect from the elements.

The ottomans do not stack for storage.  No assembly is required for this item.



Azalea Ridge ottoman with storageOttoman with storage


If you are looking for a little more storage for items and do not need the items to be weather proof, this ottoman will work well.  Great for pool toys or extra yard stuff when not needed.

The storage area is 24 inches wide, 42 inches long and about 8 inches deep.  The lid raises to place items in or out.  The bottom is a mesh wicker that will allow water to drain out.  The storage area is not water proof.

The cushion is the same as the storage area, it states that it will hold 250 pounds for seating.  The cushions only come in the red color.

Azalea Ridge chaise loungeChaise lounge


Looking for a lounger that you can get some sun and relax at the same time, this is it.  No wheels on this model, so chasing the sun for tan or shade is a little more difficult.

Six legs will support this lounger that can adjust from laying flat to straight up and two positions in between.

The cushions are 4 inches thick and the back cushion attaches with Velcro straps.  This lounge with hold 250 pounds.  Comes with a striped lumbar pillow.

Several people who purchased this item purchased two because of the price and value.  By the pool, on the deck or add to other seating in your outdoor space.

Azalea Ridge RockerPorch rocker


Looking to add to your motion furniture and like the look of wicker.  This rocker will get you seating for a low price and will last as long as you take care of the cushions.

The chair will hold 250 pounds.  The cushions will come in both red and green, so if you have dining or conversation sets with green you can match with this piece.  A lumbar pillow is included.

For a stand alone rocker or addition to a any other of the Azalea Ridge collection, this rocker will give you a place to rock them grand babies for hours.

Azalea Ridge gliderTwo seat glider


Want to have some motion seating for two, this glider will give you a place to snuggle.  Two metal arms on each side connecting the base to the seating area will give the gliding motion.

The seat is 44 inches wide and will hold 400 pounds of butt.  Two throw pillows are included.

The cushions only come in the red color.

Azalea Ridge hanging swingHanging porch swing


If you are looking to replace a hanging swing or have an overhang that will support one, this porch swing will work well.  Just have to have mounts that will support the weight of the swing plus the butts that are on it.

The seat is 44.5 inches wide for the two butts. The swing will support 450 pounds depending on how it is attached at the top.

The cushions are 4.5 inches thick and are available only in the red color.

This is a great replacement swing for one that is done.  If you have a frame or just a couple of eye hooks in the ceiling of your porch, this swing will look great.

Azalea Ridge side tableSide table


Having a side table for drinks or someplace to lay your book when you nap is a great addition to your outdoor space.  With a smoked glass insert in the top it will support anything that you can fit on it.

The top is 20 inches across and 24 inches tall.  Four legs will support the top with a ring support in the middle.  This table is too small for an umbrella, so no hole is supplied.

Sit it by your favorite sitting place for placing your goods while you relax.  This would be a great addition to the lounge, swing or rocker in this collection.  Get two for the wider pieces to put one on each side.

For more information on this side table, see my review here.

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My take on this collection


It does not matter if you are adding to your current resin wicker outdoor patio furniture or just starting to add furniture to your outdoor space.  The Azalea Ridge collection will fit almost any outdoor decor.  If you have a small space like a front porch, a pair of rockers will fit well with a side table between.  Larger areas can hold the conversation set or dining set with additional pieces for sitting.

I hope you have found this information helpful.  If you have any questions or comments please use the forms below.  If you would like to add any information, send me an email and I will get back to you.

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