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Crank Tilt Patio Umbrella


When looking for that shade for you outdoor patio area for the hot summer months, a 9 foot crank and tilt umbrella will work for most people.  I have two of these size umbrellas for my outdoor space.  I will look at the Better Homes and Gardens Cabana stripped umbrella in this review and give you my thoughts.  You will have to look at your space and see if it will work for you.

Having an umbrella for your sitting or dining area outside will let you use the space when the sun is most annoying during the hot months of the year.  Having shade that you can move as the sun moves will greatly improve the usefulness of your outdoor space.When the day is the hottest and the sun is going down you can use the tilt function of this umbrella to get the most out of your outdoor space.

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Continue reading and let me give you my opinion for those who would like more information.

Product: Better Homes and Gardens Cabana Stripped umbrella

Price when article was written: $44.97

Where to get for the best price online:


Better Homes and Gardens Cabana stipped umbrella


What do you get in the bag


This umbrella will come in a plastic bag that you can use to store it in when you are not using it.  Umbrella stand is not included for this umbrella, look below I will look at some solutions there.

The umbrella will be 97.5 inches tall not including stand and 104 inches wide.  The post is 1.5 inches across for the stand and hole in the table.  Your umbrella will be 49 inches long and 5 inches wide when folded for storage in the bag.

The umbrella is made with a steel frame that is powder coated in a matte black finish.  The polyester canopy is stripped in a black and off white (some customers stated it was cream colored) design.  This will flow with almost any dark or light color outdoor furniture.

Tilt and ribs of 9 foot umbrellaThe pole has a tilt and will adjust to three different angles, a push in button will lock it in one of the positions.  There is a crank for raising and lowering the canopy.  The umbrella must be in the upright position to lower.  The ends of each rib has a Velcro strap to connect string lights to, so you can have some mood lighting after dark.  If you want more information on lighted umbrellas see my article here on solar powered umbrella lights.

The pole will separate in the middle for storage of the umbrella. My aunt has pinched her hand several times trying to put the umbrella back together when putting back out for use, use caution when putting umbrella together.

I think if the color is compatible with your outdoor decor, the price on this umbrella will make you want to purchase it.  The polyester material and powder coated steel frame will be very durable in outdoor conditions.  Keeping the plastic parts out of the hot dry sun when not needed will prolong the life of this umbrella.

Umbrella stands and care for your umbrella


Paxton Place Umbrella Base

Click picture for more about umbrella stands

There are many styles of umbrella stands for outdoor patios or decks.  Most people will have to look at designs and how tall the post is, to make sure it fits under the cross brace of the table, to determine what will fit under your table.  I have one stand that is too tall to fit under my wrought iron table. Stand alone stands will work in some conditions if you are just wanting to shade for your seating area with out a big table.  See my thoughts and ideas on umbrella stands in this post here.

If you are looking for a stand alone umbrella look at my article on some of the off set base umbrellas here.

Care for your umbrella will be a mild soap and water mixture with a gentle rinse with the hose.  Any harsh chemicals, even window cleaner can have a bad effect on your painted surfaces.



Better Homes and Gardens Cabana stripped umbrella Velcro for lightsVelcro straps for lights at the end of each rib

3 position tilt for chasing shade

Easy to fold and store when not needed



Plastic cap and cover for crank may crack over time

Umbrella stand not included

Not a bright white, light strip is a cream or off white color

Top of Cabana stripped umbrella

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Who is this umbrella for


I do have several outside areas that I use during the hot summer months, I have 2 of the 9 foot umbrellas at this time. Having a crank and tilt umbrella will greatly improve your back yard experience for your guest and family.  The big feature that I like on the Better Homes and Gardens Cabana Striped umbrella is the Velcro straps built in for string lights to be attached.  See photo below of customer Chelsea’s addition of lights her stripped umbrella.

Customer Chelsea added lights to her stripped umbrella

Customer Chelsea added lights to her stripped umbrella

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