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Different Types of Solar Panels


In this post we will look at the two main Different Types of Solar Panels for Outside Lights. Most outside home features use either the Amorphous or the Crystalline type of Panel.  We will look at what makes each one better for the type of light you are looking at and let you choose the proper one. Most manufactures will only use one type to cut down on cost of production.

How a Solar Panel Works


A Solar panel uses the Suns rays to heat a flat Photo Cell panel of electrons.  These electrons will start to move as they heat.  The more heat the faster they move.  The lines in the Photo Cell Panel are like its streets, they are one way streets.  The electrons are guided down these streets and when they vibrate with other electrons, a current of electricity is generated.

The faster they move the more current created.  The current is either passed through a Diode to a Rechargeable Battery or directly to an object that it will power.  The Diode’s job is to create a one way street for the current so that the Rechargeable Battery is not discharged through the Photo Cell.

Here is a short video on how the solar panel works

Now lets get into what makes these two different Solar Panels work

Amorphours vs Crystalline Solar Panel


If you need it here is a link to Wikipedia for more of a technical explanation on the Amorphours Solar Panel or the Crystalline Solar Panel.  For this post we will talk in simple terms.

The Amorphours Solar Panel can be made thinner.  It produces more energy in cloudy situations that the Crystalline version.  This type will be best for items that will require energy every day such as security lighting.

The Crystalline version will be cheaper to make and produce more power when the sun shines the brightest.  This type will be best for items that require long periods of energy once the sun no longer shines.  This would be good for landscape type of lighting.




Each will have its own advantages.  One thing to keep in mind, that a dirty Photo Cell does not work as good as a clean one.  Check your photo cell first when you are not getting the charge that you need to your Solar Powered equipment.

When you know what Different Types of Solar Panels are available and how they work, your decision on what will work for your will be easier.

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