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Firewood Storage Rack


Fire Wood on the grooundWhen you go to have a fire in your Fire Pit or Chimenea do you look in the back woods to find your material to burn?  If you are like me you have a fire place and you have plenty of wood stored in a dry place to burn at any time.  Ever try to start wet wood on fire when every one is watching and waiting.

If you have a Firewood Storage Rack your wood would be dry and ready to burn. If your storage rack has to be outside you can get a cover to keep the wood dry and a log mover to help you more a load of wood quickly.  Lets look at some examples and you can choose what would work for you.

Medium Firewood Log Racks

Medium sized Log RackThere are two major types of log racks.  The bolt together and the slip together.  We will look at both here.  Both can be disassembled for storage in the months that they are not needed.

The bolt together Log Rack


As its name implies it simply bolts together.  It will be the stronger of the two types.  Two arched ends attached to a cross bar with eight bolts and nuts.  A simple screwdriver and wrench is all that is needed for assembly.  Once assembled it is ready for wood.  I have two of these and they will hold about 1/2 of a rank of wood.

The Slip together Log Rack


This rack simply slips together, no tools need for assembly.  You can tell the difference in the two by the bottom bar, the bolt together has a straight bar and the slip together has a double arched bar. The black powder coated frame will resist damage from piling and removing fire wood. It can be folded up when not in use or taken apart if you want to store out of site.  It also stores about 1/2 rank of wood.

Large and Adjustable Firewood Log Racks


Large Log Rack


Large Log RackThe large traditional Log Racks are made from powder coated 18 gauge 1 1/4 inch tubular steel with stainless hardware.  Getting your wood off the ground will keep the wood from rotting and helps with seasoning.  These racks are made in the USA.

They are 96 inches long, 13 inches deep and 45 inches tall and will hold a rank of wood.

Tubular Log Rack

The Tubular Log Rack is round like a wheel.  It will only hold about 1/4 to 1/3 of a rank of wood.  This rack is used close to the burning area, as it will only hold a small amount of wood.  The tubular frame is powder coated in a black finish.

The dimensions are 37 inches long 19 inches deep and 55-3/4 inches high.

Adjustable Log Rack

The adjustable Log Rack is made to expand from 4 foot to 8 foot in length.  If you are going to get more wood this year, you would not have to buy an additional Log Rack.  Made from 2 inch square steel tubing with a black powder coated finish.  Has plastic feet if you have to store it on a finished surface.  It uses stainless steel bolts to hold it securely together.

As it adjust to 4 or 8 foot in length, is 15 inches deep and 47 inches tall, it can hold either a half or full rank of wood.

Steel Outsider Log Rack Ends


Don’t know how much wood you are going to get this year?  Want to have a flexible amount of wood storage?  These end panels that are sized for two pieces of 2 X 4 lumber cut any length that will still support your wood.  This type of Log Rack can be very mobile, if you have an area that you just need temporary storage of a large amount of fire wood, you can put this Log Rack up in no time.

Made form 1 1/4 inch tubular steel with a black powder coated finish. You get a set of two ends that will be 4 inches long, 11 1/4 inches deep and 43 3/4 inches high.  How much wood you can hold will depend on the wood that you get to connect the two.


Firewood Log Rack Covers


Fire Wood Log Rack CoversIf your Log Rack is out in the weather, a cover will protect your wood from getting wet.  The cover will not keep out Pest or Mildew.  Rack covers will come in two styles, a full length cove and a floating cover.  The floating cover does not cover the bottom half of the wood stack.

Rack cover comes in three sizes:

50 inches long by 36 inches high, 96 inches long by 36 inches high and 98 inches long by 60 inches high.

Floating covers come in two sizes:

50 inches long, 24 inches wide and 16 inches tall or 98 inches long, 24 inches wide and 16 inches tall.



Need More information on Log Racks and Accessories, Use this link

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Firewood Log MoverFirewood Log Movers


The Log mover will be like a two wheeler built to haul several logs at one time.  With pneumatic wheels it can travel over rough terrain, up stairs and on the interior surface of your house will little difficulty.  The Powder coated Black frame will hold your wood secure while it is on the move.  If you do not have any storage for your wood by where it will be used, you can use your log mover like a small log rack.

Easy assembly will take about 1/2 hour.  See a complete review of this Log Mover here.



When looking for someplace to store your fire wood, one of these Log Racks will fit your outdoor space.  They will keep your wood off of the ground and keep it ready to burn when it is needed.  Smaller log racks are available, most of the smaller racks are made for indoor use only.

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