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Metal Outdoor Patio Sets


When looking to match furniture styles in your outdoor space, the Mainstays Belden Park collection has many choices in metal outdoor patio sets.  The steel frames are finished in a matte carbon powder coated finish, this is very durable in any outdoor environment.  From individual pieces for around the pool to complete sets for a large patio or deck you will find something for your outdoor room in this collection.

I will start with the sets in this article and then fill in with the individual pieces in the next article here.  You will find that this collection has different cushion color combinations, not all colors are available in each selection.  I will let you know from the start that the tan cushion color is available in each piece, if you are looking to buy multiple pieces this information will be helpful in trying to match a color for your outdoor decor.

Now lets look at what is available for your outdoor space.

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Mainstays Belden Park tan bistro set3 piece bistro set


Available in tan only at $167 at the time of this article.

Not for the smallest of patios or balconies, this set will take up a little more room than a regular bistro set with its swivel chairs.  The chairs are bulkier than normal bistro chairs, the swivel motion and thick cushion will make it much more comfortable than your normal bistro set.

Mainstays Belden Park decorative seat backThe table is 24 inches square and 28 inches tall. It has a frosted tempered glass insert for the top, it is built into the top frame.  Assembly is simple, turn top upside down, insert four legs and attach center support.  Make sure it is on the legs for final tightening of screws so it will not rock when finished.  Table will not support an umbrella, so no hole is available.

The two swivel chairs are 23 inches wide, 22.75 inches deep and 35.5 inches tall.  Each will support 250 pounds.  Assembly of the chairs is to attach the swivel post to the seat bottom, then attach this assembly to the base.  Add cushions and sit.

Cushions are made from a polyester material and attach with snaps and Velcro.  Cannot use these chairs without the cushions.  Throw pillows in picture do not come with set.

This set is very comfortable for long term sitting.



Mainstays Belden Park tall bistro set3 piece high bistro set


Price at time of article is: $199

If you want to add a bar height set by the pool or on your balcony, this set that comes in four colors (red, green, blue or tan) can fit most decors.  The added height will give the feeling of sitting in a bar, a little music and your favorite adult beverage will go a long way with this set.

The table is 24 inches square and 35.5 inches tall.  It has a frosted tempered glass insert for the top and it is built into the frame.  Assembly is about the same as the others, turn top upside down put legs into top and attach square support.

Customers bar height bistro setThe chairs are 28 inches deep, 24 inches wide and 44 inches tall.   Assembly is to attach the swivel bar and tube to the bottom of the seat.  Then attach the seat to the base, add cushions.  Each chair will support 250 pounds.

Cushions attach to the chairs with Velcro.  You cannot use these chairs without cushions. Cushions can be reversed for durability.  With any outdoor cushions I recommend storage when not in use for any long time.

See this and some of my other tall bistro sets here if you like this style.


4 piece conversation set


Price at time of article is: $275

Mainstays Belden Park tan conversation setYou will have a hard time getting a better conversation set for this price any where. This conversation set has a two seat love seat, two regular chairs and a glass top coffee table.  It will fit nicely on any medium to large outdoor area.  Only available in the tan color at the time of this article.

Love seat is 49.75 inches wide 30.5 inches deep and 28.75 inches tall. It will have two separate seating areas that will hold 250 pounds each.  You can get together and snuggle without too much trouble.

Assembly will take attaching the seat portion to the back, then attach each arm/front leg to the back and seat.  The seat has a sling type of material for cushion support and cannot be used without the cushions.

Coffee table is 38 inches long 22 inches wide and 18 inches tall.  It has the same tempered glass tops at the other tables in this collection. The assembly is similar to the other tables, turn upside down, attach legs, then attach the center leg support.  This table does not have any room for storage as some other conversation sets.

Chairs are simple, they do not rock or swivel.  They are 26.5 inches wide, 31.5 inches deep and 28.75 inches tall.  Each will support 250 pounds of weight.  Assembly is very similar to love seat, attach seat to back, then attach each arm to the assembly.  Add cushions and you are ready to sit.

Cushions are made from a polyester material and can be reversed for longer life.

See some other conversation sets in my article here.


Mainstays Belden Park leisure set5 piece leisure set


Price when article was written: $229

This is the first collection that I have seen a leisure set.  I includes two sofa chairs, a side table and two ottomans.  This set would be perfect for around the pool for watching the kids splash while you sit and drink you favorite adult beverage. Cushions are available in all four colors.

This set uses the same chairs as the conversation set above.  Assembly is the same.

The ottomans are 23.75 inches wide, 26 inches deep and 15 inches tall.  They have the sling material under the cushions, cannot be used very well without cushions.  Assembly is to attach each side legs to top, then add cushions.

Table has the same style square frosted tempered glass top as the bistro sets, it is a little smaller at 20 inches across and 18.5 inches tall.  Assembly is the same as the bistro tables.

Cushions attach to the chairs and ottomans with Velcro straps.  You cannot use this set without the cushions.

If you like the feel of a recliner, this set will give you that kind of comfort.


Mainstays Belden Park 7 piece dinig set7 piece dining set


Priced at $377.31 when article was written.

Available in all four colors, you can match almost any outdoor decor with this dining set.  You will need a large, at least 12 by 12 foot outdoor area to make good use of this set.

This set will come with two swivel chairs, four sofa chairs and a large dining table.

The chairs are the same as in other sets above.

The table has the same style top as the other sets.  It is dining table sized at 66 inches long 40 inches wide and 28 inches tall.  Assembly will be the same as the smaller tables.  This table is made with a hole in the top and leg bracket to stabilize an umbrella (not included in this set, but is available here).

Cushions are the same as other sets and are available in all four colors (red, green, blue and tan).  tehy are held on by Velcro straps and can be reversed.

This is a premium dining set with the two swivel chairs at a very reasonable price.  This set will fit nicely in any large outdoor space for dining for the whole family.

This set will come in two large boxes, you will need a truck for pickup.


Mainstays Belden Park fire pit table with chairs5 piece fire pit set


Price when article was written: $419

Looking for that different conversation set, look no further than this fire pit set. With a wood burning fire pit in the middle of the table top and four sofa chairs to sit around the fire, this set will have many uses around your outdoor space.

The chairs are the same as in the dining or conversation set.  Cushions are available in all four colors.

Mainstays Belden Park fire pit as a tableThe table is what this set is about, you can use it as a table top fire pit or a regular small dining table by reversing the burn pit with the square insert.  The table is 40 inches square and 20.25 inches tall.  It has a wood slat design that very nice.

Assembly is simple, just turn top over, attach legs then attach leg support.  Make sure it is on its legs when you do the final tightening.

The burn pit and flat top can be reversed.  If you just want a table in the hot months during the summer just leave the flat insert in the top and store the burn pit and fire screen on the shelf below.  When you want a fire to warm your conversation just reverse the positions.

Drawbacks from this design is that the burn pit is very high compared to other fire pits. Only small pieces of wood can be used, the burn pit is very small.

Advantages are that you can use year round, simple to change from fire pit to table.  Table is big, you can use for a regular dinner table when you have the flat insert installed.

To see more of my information on fire pit conversation sets, use this link here.

To add one of these sets to your outdoor space, click on the following link

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My take on this collection


When looking for cheaper metal outdoor patio sets, the Mainstays Belden Park collection from will work best for small to large outdoor spaces. If you are looking for dining or conversation sets, there is something for you.  The simple powder coated steel frames will last for many years.  With proper care the cushions will last several years. A storage place for the cushions when not needed will make them last several more seasons.

If you have any comments or questions, use the forms below.  If you would like to see any outdoor items on this website, send me an email and I will give it a go.
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