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Best Power Washers for Home Use


The exterior of my home and camper needs some help.  I started looking for the Best Power Washers for Home Use that would not break the bank and get the job done.  Power options are available, Electric or Gas are the two that most people look at.  I choose to look at the 1500-1600 pounds per square inch Electric Power Washers, as I do not need to work outside my home and will be close to a power supply most of the time.

I will be using this Power Washer for small home use, siding, decks, shed and small other projects.  This will not be for commercial or big projects. Lets look at some of the options that are available for this type and see what advantages each will bring.


Campbell Hausfeld 1500 psi Electric Pressure WasherCampbell Hausfeld 1500 PSI Pressure Washer PW135002AV


Product:Campbell Hausfeld Pw135002AV

Price when article written:$89.99 online price only

Where to buy online for the best price:


What do you get in the box


You will get a small compact Pressure Washer that will be easy to store when not in use.  All of the accessories will store on the unit itself, so you will not have to look for attachments when starting a project.

Parts in the box


Pressure Washer body with large wheels for movement and a 35 foot power cord with GFCI. (Outlets with covers will be hard to use because of the bulky size of the plug.)

20 foot high pressure hose

Gun and lance for end of pressure hose

Variable Spray Nozzle

Detergent Nozzle and Bottle



Pressure:1600 pounds per square inch

Water Flow Rate:1.5 Gallons Per Minute

Power: 120 Volts 11 amps when running

Weight:15 pounds

Assembly and use


No tools are required for assembly.  Just simply snap together the parts and you are ready to use.  All tools and accessories have a storage place on the body of the washer.

Has easy connect joints to make changing accessories easy and they are designed to prevent any leaks.  You can operate the off on switch with your foot, as it is a big button on the top of the machine.  Comes with two separate nozzles, variable spray and soap.  No need to have several spray nozzles as this one is adjustable from a fine spray to a jet spray.

Options are a brush, right angle nozzle and turbo nozzle.  The turbo nozzle will spin the spray for the hard to clean areas, can cut cleaning time in half. Karcher pressure washers accessories will not fit this Pressure Washer.

Can be used with a generator with 2700 watts output or greater if you cannot reach a power source with the 35 foot cord.  Do not use extension cords with this power washer.  With the 20 foot pressure hose and 35 foot power cord, you can get pretty far from the power source.


Workchoice 1500 psi Electric Power WasherWorkchoice 1,500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer #BY02-VBP-S


Product:Workchoice 1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Price when article was written:$89.00

Where to purchase at the best price online:


What do you get in the box

Watch this video to learn how to assemble out of the box.



Pressure:1500 Pounds Per Square Inch

Water Flow rate:1.3 Gallons Per Minute

Power:13 amps

Weight:23 Pounds


Assembly and use

After some minor assembly your product will be ready for use.

This unit is easy to use as the adjustable nozzle will let you go from a small stream to a wider spread.  The only time you have to change nozzles is when you want to spray detergents from the attached tank.  When you do release the trigger the motor will stop to release all water pressure.

It has a carry handle and wheels for portability.  The handle does not extend, some customers complained that it was too low to drag the unit around, much easier to pick up and carry.

With a 19 foot hose and 35 foot power cord with a GFCI plug you can go 54 feet from you electric connection.  The GFCI plug is hard to plug into a outlet that has a cover.


Karcher K2.360 Electric Pressure WasherKarcher K2 Plus Electric Pressure Washer


Product: Karcher K2 Plus

Price when article written:$93.95

Where to get the best price



What do you get in the box



Pressure:1600 Pounds Per Square Inch

Water Flow rate:1.25 Gallons Per Minute

Power:13 amps

Weight:16 Pounds

Assembly and use


Assembly will be to snap the wheels on, lock the handle in place, install the quick connectors for water supply and outlet hose.  Insert each hose. Insert the spray wand of your choice, either the rotary spray wand or the variable power spray wand.  Turning the end of the variable spray wand will adjust the pressure that comes out of the nozzle.

Detergents can only be siphoned from an external container, as there is no internal soap container.  You can purchase a soup dispenser wand for this unit.

Most of the Karcher accessories are available for this unit.  This will give you a great deal of options for your cleaning needs.

As the others the 20 foot hose and 35 foot power cord will give you about 55 feet of distance between the power outlet and the work area.


Special Notes about the pressure washers in this article


Make sure that the water is on when the pressure washer is turned on, running the motor dry will shorten its life.  Some customers had trouble with the spray hose, make sure that when it is stored it is not kinked as this will shorten the life of the hose.  Do not use the 5/8 inch diameter feed hose as this will lower the pressure and some stated that the washer would not work with this size of hose, use a 1/2 inch hose.

Make sure when you are storing your Electric Pressure Washer that you have drained all of the water and soap out of the pump and hoses.  Winter weather is the biggest killer of the smaller machines if any water is present inside.


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When looking for the  Best Power Washers for Home Use, any of these three will work for lightweight cleaning.  I would not recommend any of these for commercial or big homes with a lot of external cleaning.  If you are careful you can even wash your car without taking the paint off.
I do like the two that have the detergent dispenser attached, but I am going to go with the Karcher for the ability to have  more accessories in the future.  Look for a review of this item when I get it.


I hope that you have found this article informative, if you have any questions or comments use the form below, I will get back to you quickly.

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