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Security Lights with Motion Sensor


There are many styles to choose from when looking for the Best Security Lights with Motion Sensor.  You can go from the old fashion two bulb on a mount to something that is very modern.  We will show you a broad spectrum of examples to choose from.  Your style and lighting needs will lead you in the direction of what will work best for you.

Now lets see whats out there.  We will start with the utility style lighting and finish with the designer style for more looks.


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Lithonia Security Lights with Motion SensorLithonia Lighting Two Head Security Lights with Motion Sensor


This two headed LED fixture will light up your outdoor area and cost you less in the long run.   Made from cast aluminum with either a bronze or white finish, this fixture will not rust. the heads have a clear acrylic lens that have a gasket to keep out moisture.  Works  in all weather conditions down to -40 C.  If it is that cold outside, you should just look out the window.

The six 22 watt LED bulbs will give you about 1222 lumens of light.  The bulbs should last around 50,000 hours compared to a normal bulb that will last around 3,000 hours.  If you want continuous light you can hook to a wall switch and turn off for three seconds and back on, it will remain on until the wall switch is turned off again.

This fixture will mount on any round electrical box, The heads and sensor will both be able to adjust to almost any angle. The sensor has adjustments for sensitivity to motion, how long the light will shine after the motion.  The sensor can be set from 4 seconds to 10 minutes of illumination after the motion is captured.  The override switch will let you operate this fixture just like a regular light or let the fixture work during daylight hours for adjustments.  Another photo cell will keep the light from operating during the daylight hours.

The fixture is about 8 inches tall with the sensor hanging down and about 8 inches wide depending on how you aim the two heads.  It will be about 7.5 inches away from the mounting plate.  This fixture can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

This is a very smart and versatile fixture, it will preform many lighting task all with one unit.


Acclaim 2 light Motion Sensor FixtureAcclaim Lighting – MFL2WH – Two Light Motion-Activated Flood


This is a very simple fixture.  Just a base, two light bulb sockets and a sensor, no covers for the bulbs come with this unit, it will have to be mounted under a cover to protect the bulbs from the elements.  This Security Lights with Motion Sensor fixture is made from a durable polycarbonate material painted white.  The sockets and the motion sensor can be adjusted to cover just about any area.

The two regular based bulbs will have a 150 watt maximum output, this will be 300 watts of total lighting.  Do not use CFL bulbs as the motion sensor will cause them to flutter and shorten the life of the bulb.

The fixture will fit on any round wall electric box.  Three adjustments that are available for the  sensor include-sensor range, the time that the fixture will remain on after motion is detected and a dusk to dawn mode.  The sensor will pick up motion 180 degrees in the direction it is pointed.

California residents: see  Proposition 65 information


Nuvo Motion Sensor Light FixtureNuvo Lighting – 76/505 – One Light Security Lights with Motion Sensor


This fixture is a single bulb Halogen cast aluminum case with a finish in bronze.  They are more for utility lighting than for decoration.  It will mount on any round electric box.  The sensor is mounted on the bottom of the fixture and can be adjusted in almost any direction.   The light can be pointed in many angles also, I used one of these fixtures with a dusk to dawn sensor for my American Flag for many years.

The single 150 watt type “j” halogen bulb should last a long time if it does not come in contact with any foreign material.  The face plate will have to be removed to change the bulb.

The fixture face is 5 inches tall and 6 inches wide.  It will be 8 inches away from the mounting plate.  No adjustments for the sensor other that the aim.  It should collect movement from around 60 feet or less with about 130 degrees of coverage.

Designers Fountain 2420 Motion Sensor LightDesigners Fountain – 2420MD-BK Motion Detector Wall Lantern


This is an upturn fixture.  The cast aluminum frame with black finish will have clear glass.  The motion sensor is located on the bottom of this fixture, still does not have good coverage around areas with steps coming up to the fixture.

The fixture is 16.25 inches tall and 6 inches across.  It will extend 8 inches away from the mounted surface.

The illumination is by the single regular base bulb with 100 watts maximum.  The top of the fixture needs to be removed to change the bulb.  It is not recommended to use a CFL bulb in this fixture, as it will flutter when coming on and have a short life.

The sensor can be turned off or you can use the dusk to dawn feature of this fixture.  If it is hooked to a light switch, this fixture can be used as a regular fixture.  Make sure all wires are connected properly when installing, as some features will not work if a wire is not connected, see instructions for details.

For a complete review of this product go to this post with this link.

Desiners Bountain 2900 Motion Sensor Security Light FixtureDesigners Fountain – 2900MD-AG One Light Outdoor Wall Lantern


This stylish lantern will give you some down light to your outdoor space from your Security Lights with Motion Sensor.  The case aluminum frame is painted Autumn Gold and has a satin crackle glass.  Other matching fixtures are available, use the link below for more details.

The fixture is 12.5 inches tall 7.5 inches across.  It will extent 10.75 inches away from the mounted surface.  The regular medium based bulb has a maximum of 100 watts.  The entire bottom of the fixture has to be removed to change the bulb.  CFL bulbs do not do well in these types of fixtures, they tend to flutter and have a short life.

The sensor is located on the top, make sure that you have a flat area in front of the lantern as the sensor may not pick up if you have stairs close by that are coming up to the fixture.  The sensor does have a 180 degree of detection angle.  The information states that you can turn off the motion sensor and use a regular light fixture or use the dusk to dawn feature.

 If you want to look at my selection of Dusk to Dawn Fixtures for Security follow this link.


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I have given you 5 really different styles of  Security Lights with Motion Sensor.  Not all of these styles will work for everyone.You will have to look at your security lighting needs and how you want your lighting to look.  Some styles will give a great amount of coverage, some will offer several adjustments to your sensor.  What style will work best for your outdoor security, only you will know.

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